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Quick note: You should probably put a "send" button on this page in addition to the "preview" button. Using a webmail interface is cumbersome enough, I personally wouldn't want to have to preview every message that I wrote. ($0.02)

(Aside: could ArsDigita use some clout to try and get the browser companies to add a spellchecker for TEXTAREAs on HTML forms?)

-- Angus Madden, June 14, 2000

ArsDigita have a spell checking tool available ( which can easily be hooked in to perform spell checking. Of course this does add another 'step' to the e-mail composition phase, if it happens by default. But it could just happen if you clicked on a `check my spelling' button.

Of course, getting the editor to do it in real time would be nice.

-- Sarah Ewen, October 19, 2000

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