Nicholas Negroponte, father of the Internet

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I was down in Manhattan with a young MBA New Media guy from a big
publisher. He was looking at my home page. "AI Lab, Lab for
Computer Science,
what are those?" he inquired. I explained that these were the
MIT computer science research labs. "What to do they do there?"
I tried to think of what he might recognize as immediately
relevant to his world. Ah! I'd got it. "Well, there's a guy
one floor down from my office who designed the Internet protocols.
If you had to pick one person, he's the guy who built the modern
Internet," I said. "Who's that?" asked the suit. "Nicholas
Negroponte?" Uh, not exactly, I replied. It's Dave Clark. "Oh.
Nicholas Negroponte is the only person from MIT that I've heard of."

-- Philip Greenspun, January 4, 1998


Unaware of it at the time, Nicholas Negroponte got the ideas that led to his eventual everlasting fame as the "Builder of the Internet" from an afternoon in late October, 1925, spent touring Ford Motor Co.'s Rouge facility in Michigan. His escort none other than, the "Father of Modern History", Henry Ford.

-- Tom Lowrey, January 12, 1999

i thought Al Gore was the father of the internet

-- Erich Jansen, September 29, 1999

Actually there is so many fathers as far as internet is concerned .Like Nicolas Negroponte ,Vinton Cerf et al .Shall we say internet is a bastard?

-- Gopakumar A, August 14, 2000

-- Stephen van Egmond, March 7, 2001