First Timer !! Would Like to know Prog. Lang. for AI prob. and Sample Algo. and Program

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I am a first timer as far as AI is concerned. But am very excited about writting some kind of a program, so that I can get some more idea about how a program can be written to solve AI problems. I am looking for a sample algorithm, and a sample source code.
I would be grateful if somebody guides me in writting my first AI program.

Amit Paradkar
Dec. 17, 1999

-- Amit Paradkar, December 17, 1999


I need to know about everything, from basic to AI or even the latest in AI programing.

thank you

-- Jesse Kurt Encarnacion, March 7, 2000

O.K. a insider tip: There exists a programming language, maybe not very popular, at least not in the world of the everyday user.

The name is "Guru Interexpert Systems". This is a dos based system, which allows you thru a relatively easy DOS Windowed system in combination with "guru natural language(???)" to build something, that supposedly is able to collect and analyze information. I know, that I have somewhere a copy of this Prog, it was very difficult to get, and the "natural language", I never figured that out. What I know is that you cannot compare the language used in this system, with any other programming language.

-- Peter Pierre, June 30, 2000