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-- Brett Castello, January 28, 2000


I'm sure I'm walking into a trick question but isn't it (infinity) or -(infinity)? My logic being that infinity is not a number but an asymptotic line extended outwards but can be a single point so it's like asking for SQRT(1).

-- Michael James, February 21, 2000

Clearly it can be no finite quantity, since the squares of all the finite quantities are also finite. Which infinite quantity depends on which infinite quantity of which we are looking for the square root. Aleph-zero's square root would seem to have to be itself, as the previous responent suggested. The answer for further quanities would seem to depend on a decision on the continuum hypothesis.

-- Alex Tibbles, September 13, 2004

What the Dickens?

-- Richard Clarkson, March 15, 2008