I want to work on AI. Please Give advice.

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My name is Mayank Sharma. Currently I am in 1st year of graduation.
My dream is to bring AI, Virtual Reality and Internet on one platform
and i am going to do it somehow. I have been studying computers since
last 6 months only. I am looking for a platform to work on. I don't
have any worth noticing qualification but I have me. Please answer me
and show directions.
Thank you.
Mayank Sharma.
e-mail address: "mayank297@satyam.net.in";

-- Mayank Sharma, July 16, 2000


Mayank Sharma, I must initially apologize (in such case as this response may actually be a dissapointment rather than a helpful hint) for not having advice to offer you at this time. I am responding to your posting due to the fact that I am in need of direction, as you may be. Perhaps we can help each other--information sharing. Today, I offered a posting on the AI forum, seeking contacts from others in the field. So far, you're ahead of me in the game. <<novelidea77@hotmail.com>> (Shenica Perera)

-- Shenica` Perera, August 2, 2000

My name is Joshua Urbanczyk. I have a Associates Degree in Computer Electronics/Business Systems. I am a freshmen at WTAMU studing Computer Science. I too am seeking advice and the chance for collaborating with others like you on work with AI. My email address is jurbanczyk@hotmail.com Thank you.

-- Joshua Urbanczyk, November 21, 2000


-- jiyun chung, February 1, 2001

i may not be reallye smart enough right now but would like to help i am really interested in making an ai to so if u could email me with ur up dates on the project-Nick

-- Nickolas Dupelle, January 29, 2004

We are working on AI, although there are many different meanings to the term. Check out our website www.frdcsa.org to see how we are approaching it. Please email me at my hotmail account, chou_enlai, to get in touch with me if you are interested. We need help in creating an organization that gives people who want to work on AI all the resources they need.

-- Chou Enlai, June 7, 2004

Hi Mayank Sharma!! So Where are you now in our quest for bringing AI, VR and Internet on one platform! My best wishes are with you!!

Regards, Mayank Sharma (yeah there are many more!)

-- Mayank Sharma, August 31, 2004