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My name is Shenica. I am very interested in artificial
intelligence. I would like to get to know people with such
interest, at MIT, and elsewhere, and would appreciate e-mail
regarding our commonality.

-- Shenica` Perera, August 2, 2000


Hi Shenica, I'm a first year student at the University of Alberta taking Comp Sci and, although I know about as much as you on the topic of AI, I am also interested in that field of study. I have done some research into the science of generating artifical inelligence and it looks like we are no where near the level we are supposed to be, according to some predictions. However, several fields related to AI look promissing. Here is an MIT website that involves a natural language responding computer. Check it out, ask a few questions, and don't be dissapointed - I said it looked promissing!

-- John Davidson, December 5, 2000