Cybernetics and AI

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i know they have been working on a project whree they have taken a
small device and implated it into a person's brain so that the brain
has grown over and "linked" with it. they have limit results with
the person being abl eto send signals to use a device using such an
implant. My question is how does this worka nd is there any way
this could apply to Ai , such as how the brain sends and accepts the
signals and the implant does this also? thx

-- Brian Gadd, August 3, 2000


well I think yes

We see that our brain does not work hardcoded but it uses it's capacities dynamicly.

If we want to program an AI then we have to take into count that has something to do with learning.

But I am not an expert in this stuff (yet :)

-- Sam John, September 23, 2000