AI and Behaviorism

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Is present day AI heading towards Behaviorism? This question was
vehemently discussed just four decades ago by Noam Chomsky. Was
Chomsky wrong in his judgement? AI has acquired a routine nature. The
present day AI expert has to give his daily output to earn his bread.
No complaints. But is it an end to cognitive science approach of AI?
Or is cognitive science tending towards behaviorism with
connectionism as the bridge?

-- KS Madhavan, July 10, 2005


I am responding to my own question. But in the present global state of anarchy, as Noam Chomsky, the greatest intellectual of our times says, the work that is most disliked by the public i.e. cleaning up of the sewage system in a city or repair works of electrical system in stormy weather conditions are to be mechanised or automated. It is here that weak AI should be of application. It is here that 'Objectivity and Liberalisation of scholarship' is to be encouraged. Aiding the machine with AI in already known well-mechanised and well-automated processes would be of little consequence in a global context. This is my personal view point and I would like to see common ground with Noam Chomsky's perspective. I am little and he is a large figure and hence AI, even if it is heading towards behaviorism should find appropriate application whether it be application on real-time systems or off-line systems. The Steel Plant Furnace Temperature Control using Artificial Neural Networks is a glowing example.

-- KS Madhavan, December 11, 2005