Why is the forum not as active as before?

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The forum contains substantive information in the field of AI. The
content material could be made more extensive with increased
responses from the members. It is few of the kind available and hence
I feel it should be kept alive. Thanks to the opportunity provided by
Dr. Philip Greenspun.

-- KS Madhavan, March 6, 2006


Good Old Fashioned Artificial Intelligence (GOFAI) demands the creation of an android or a robot that is intelligent, perceptive and has a reasonably good EQ (this is a later day addition to the old tenets of GOFAI). But is it really possible? Can such an android be created with Artificial Life? It is really intriguing. But as some of the soothsayers in AI say that there was a time in AI history when humans could build intelligence into algorithms but now it is no longer true. The result of GOFAI is manifested in creating games where androids and robots are on screen (two-dimensional or three-dimensional) and are at the control of a joystick or keyboard. Gaming androids are trapped on the screen. But can we build intelligence and common sense into them? That�s the big question.

-- KS Madhavan, June 1, 2006