Prince Gong's Mansion.  Beijing

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Prince Gong's Mansion.  Beijing

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Three Days (in Beijing)

Day 1: Forbidden City, New Summer Palace
Day 2: Temple of Heaven, bird and flower market, antique market
Day 3: Great Wall at Mutianyu and China Aviation Museum

Seven Days

Days 1-3: As above.
Day 4: train to Chengde (4 hours), up in the cool mountains
Day 5-6: explore temples in Chengde
Day 7: return to Beijing

Fourteen Days

Days 1-7: As above but fly south (perhaps to Wuhan) on the last day
Days 7-10: cruise the Yangtze (see -- very hot from April through September
Days 11-14: explore Shanghai

Twenty-one Days

Days 1-14: As above.
Days 14-21: Explore the countryside, especially Guilin (inspiration for a lot of Chinese landscape painting and ideal for photographers)
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