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Installing AOLServer 3.0

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ACS Documentation : ACS Installation Guide : Installing AOLServer 3.0

AOLServer is a fast, reliable, and scalable web server, and the server of choice for the ArsDigita Community System. For more information on AOLServer, you can read Philip Greenspun's introduction part 1 and part 2.

Table of Contents

  1. Setup User Accounts and Paths
  2. Download the distribution
  3. Compile AOLServer
  4. Compile the Oracle Driver
  5. Install AOLServer
  6. Troubleshooting the AOLServer Install
  7. Appendix: Defaults

Setup User Accounts and Paths.

You will need a special user account for running the ACS. We recommend that you call this user nsadmin. This user will have a special home directory for storing AOLServer, /home/aol30 and a special group for the server files, web as well. You must execute this step as root.


Download the distribution.

Login as nsadmin and save files to the /tmp directory.


Compile AOLServer

This step should be completed as the nsadmin user. You will compile the AOLServer distribution and prepare for install.


Compile the Oracle Driver

Now you need to compile the Oracle driver to enable database connectivity.


Install AOLServer 3.0

You are now ready to install AOLServer.

That's it. On to the ArsDigita Community System!


Troubleshooting the AOLServer Install

If you can't view the welcome page, there is a problem with your server configuration. Start by viewing your AOLServer log, which is in /home/aol30/log/server.log. You should also try to find lines of the form:

[01/Jun/2000:12:11:20][5914.2051][-nssock-] Notice: nssock: listening on http://localhost.localdomain:8000 (
[01/Jun/2000:12:11:20][5914.2051][-nssock-] Notice: accepting connections
If you can find these lines, try entering the URL the server is listening on. If you cannot find these lines, there must be an error somewhere in the file. Scan for lines beginning with the word Error instead of Notice.


Appendix: Defaults

We used the following defaults while installing AOLServer.

AOLServer UsernamensadminAOLServer used to be NaviServer and this was the standard username for the server.
AOLServer Directory/home/aol30AOLServer 3.0 should be installed to its own home directory and it is simplest if this is the home directory of the nsadmin user and is version specific in case you upgrade your web browser.
AOLServer Groupsnsadmin,web,dbaYou should have a group for the server files, nsadmin, and a group for the web content, web. In order to connect to Oracle using svrmgrl, your user must be part of the dba group and this capability is needed to install the ACS.
AOLServer Source Directory/tmp/aolserver3_0This is simply a convenient place to uncompress the source.
ORACLE_HOME/ora8/m01/app/oracle/product/8.1.6This is the default Oracle installation directory.
NS_HOME/tmp/aolserver3_0This is where the source files are.

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