Flight Training Lesson 1

1.2 Hours Dual; Pre/Post Flight Discussion 1.0 Hours

by Philip Greenspun and Kasim Te; revised November 2008

Developed for students at East Coast Aero Club which operated under FAR Part 141 from July 2008 through July 2010.

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This lesson introduces basic attitude instrument flying from the left seat. The CFII-H candidate will perform basic IFR maneuvers from the left seat in simulated instrument conditions and note any differences from his or her experience doing the same from the right seat. Both the primary and control method and the primary and supporting method will be attempted.


Not all maneuvers must be performed. The instructor may choose at his or her discretion which areas need the most work.


Study Assignments

Completion Standards

At the completion of this lesson, the student should demonstrate an understanding of both full and partial panel instrument references as they relate to aircraft control. The student shall maintain altitude within plus or minus 100 feet and headings within 10 degrees during level flight. Climb and descent airspeeds shall be maintained within plus or minus 10 knots.

Instructor's Evaluation and Recommendations:

Flight Training Record, Lesson 1

Any deviations from the completion standards should be noted in the previous section. After completing an item in the Elements section, place a check mark next to that item.

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