Flight Training Lesson 19

1.00 Hours Dual; Pre/Post Flight Discussion 0.75 Hours

by Philip Greenspun and Kasim Te; revised July 2008

Developed for students at East Coast Aero Club which operated under FAR Part 141 from July 2008 through July 2010.

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This lesson will review precision autorotations and precision hovering.



Study Assignments

Completion Standards

The student should perform autorotations to within 150' feet of the desired spot. The student should hover to standards slightly above the private level. Hovering autorotations should be performed with less than 7.5 degrees yaw and three feet lateral drift.

Instructor's Evaluation and Recommendations:

Flight Training Record, Lesson 19

Any deviations from the completion standards should be noted in previous section. After completing a maneuver listed under Introduction, place a check mark next to that maneuver. Assign grades of Above Standard, Meets Standard, or Below Standard to maneuvers listed under Review.

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