East Coast Aero Club Part 141 Helicopter Instrument Ground Training Record

by Philip Greenspun and Kasim Te; revised January 2008

Developed for students at East Coast Aero Club which operated under FAR Part 141 from July 2008 through July 2010.

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Instructions: Lesson will be complete, when by oral examination, the student displays an understanding of the material presented. "Pass" should be written in the "grade" column of the lesson and both the student and instructor should initial the appropriate boxes.  Ground stages will be complete when the student has passed the appropriate Ground Stage written examination with a minimum score of 70%. The instructor will review each incorrect response with the student to assure complete understanding before advancing.

Ground Stage I

  Date Grade Student Initials Instructor Initials
Lesson 1 - basic weather and atmosphere        
Lesson 2 - principles of stability and atmospheric lifting; clouds, fog, and precipitation        
Lesson 3 - wind conditions        
Lesson 4 - atmospheric stability: air mass behavior, frontal activity and air advection        
Lesson 5 - atmospheric stability: thunderstorms, icing conditions, and turbulence        
Lesson 6 - weather reporting services        
Lesson 7 - weather forecasting services        
Lesson 8 - weather chart services        
Lesson 9 - aeronautical decision making/judgment; crew resource management        
Lesson 10 - review        
Stage 1 Written Exam        

Ground Stage II

  Date Grade Student Initials Instructor Initials
Lesson 11 - attitude instrument flight; flight physiology; spatial disorientation        
Lesson 12 - magnetic compass, pitot static, and gyroscopic systems in regards to IFR flight        
Lesson 13 - NDB and RMI        
Lesson 14 - VOR, HSI, and DME equipment        
Lesson 15 - ILS        
Lesson 16 - GPS        
Lesson 17 - ADAHRS and glass cockpit        
Lesson 18 - holding procedures        
Lesson 19 - review for the Stage II written examination        
Stage 2 Written Exam        

Ground Stage III

  Date Grade Student Initials Instructor Initals
Lesson 20 - FARs relevant to instrument certification        
Lesson 21 - AIM        
Lesson 22 - IFR airway and route system; ATC and communication procedures        
Lesson 23 - IFR departure, en route and arrival procedures        
Lesson 24 - approach procedures; approach charts/plates        
Lesson 25 - approach procedures, cont.        
Lesson 26 - IFR cross-country        
Lesson 27 - review for the Stage III written examination        
Stage 3 Written Exam        

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