Flight Training Lesson 11

1.25 Hours Dual; Pre/Post Flight Discussion 0.75 Hours

by Philip Greenspun and Kasim Te; revised August 2006

Developed for students at East Coast Aero Club which operated under FAR Part 141 from July 2008 through July 2010.

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Continue building proficiency in any area(s) of weakness as determined by the instructor. The student will become proficient at controlling the glide phase of a straight-in autorotation.




Completion Standards

The student will gain an understanding of autorotations and should be able to enter an autorotation without substantial changes to the aircraft's attitude or trim. During the glide, the student should be able to hold airspeed at (R22) 65 knots +/-10 knots or (R44) 70 knots +/-10 knots, and rotor RPM should be maintained within the green arc. The student will show progress in any area(s) of weakness and will further improve control coordination in quick stops.

Instructor's Evaluation and Recommendations:

Flight Training Record, Lesson 11

Any deviations from the completion standards should be noted in previous section. After completing a maneuver listed under Introduction, place a check mark next to that maneuver. Assign grades of Above Standard, Meets Standard, or Below Standard to maneuvers listed under Review.

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