Flight Training Lesson 15

1.0 Hour Dual; Pre/Post Flight Discussion 0.75 Hours

by Philip Greenspun and Kasim Te; revised August 2006

Developed for students at East Coast Aero Club which operated under FAR Part 141 from July 2008 through July 2010.

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Student will practice pre-solo maneuvers focusing primarily on takeoffs, approaches, and autorotations.




Completion Standards

During normal departures, the student shall maintain proper attitude control and desired heading within +/- 15 degrees. During normal approaches, proper approach angles will be maintained smoothly with only minor corrections and a suitable rate of closure. The approach shall be terminated within +/-3 feet of the desired location. Power failure at altitude entries shall be smooth, exercising proper attitude, pedal trim, and RPM control. The student will lower the collective immediately, and subsequently as necessary, to prevent the rotor RPM from decaying below allowable power-off RPM limits. During rapid decelerations, the student shall initiate the maneuver without excessive ballooning, decelerate and terminate in a stationary hover at the recommended hovering altitude, and maintain heading +/- 10 degrees. The student shall recognize simulated antitorque system failure in a hover or cruising flight and take immediate and proper action.

Instructor's Evaluation and Recommendations:

Flight Training Record, Lesson 15

Any deviations from the completion standards should be noted in previous section. After completing a maneuver listed under Introduction, place a check mark next to that maneuver. Assign grades of Above Standard, Meets Standard, or Below Standard to maneuvers listed under Review.

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