East Coast Aero Club Part 141 Helicopter Private Ground Training Record

by Philip Greenspun and Kasim Te; revised August 2007

Developed for students at East Coast Aero Club which operated under FAR Part 141 from July 2008 through July 2010.

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Instructions: Lesson will be complete, when by oral examination, the student displays an understanding of the material presented. "Pass" should be written in the "grade" column of the lesson and both the student and instructor should initial the appropriate boxes.  Ground stages will be complete when the student has passed the appropriate Ground Stage written examination with a minimum score of 70%. The instructor will review each incorrect response with the student to assure complete understanding before advancing.

Ground Stage I

  Date Grade Student Initials Instructor Initials
Lesson 1 - Basic aerodynamics        
Lesson 2 - Airports and heliports        
Lesson 3 - Robinson helicopter components, systems and instruments        
Lesson 4 - Principles of helicopter flight        
Lesson 5 - Turns, loads, and autorotative descents        
Lesson 6 - Helicopter flight manual and performance        
Lesson 7 - Weight and balance        
Lesson 8 - Written exam preparation        
Stage 1 Written Exam        

Ground Stage II

  Date Grade Student Initials Instructor Initials
Lesson 9 - Introduction to aviation weather        
Lesson 10 - Basic weather elements        
Lesson 11 - Aeronautical Informational Manual and other resources        
Lesson 12 - Services available to pilots        
Lesson 13 - Aviation Weather Services        
Lesson 14 - Written exam preparation        
Stage 2 Written Exam        

Ground Stage III

  Date Grade Student Initials Instructor Initals
Lesson 15 - VFR charts and navigation; introduction to cross-country flights        
Lesson 16 - Flight computer and navigational computations        
Lesson 17 - Planning a cross-country flight        
Lesson 18 - Radio navigation in cross-country flights        
Lesson 19 - Federal Aviation Regulations        
Lesson 20 - Physiological and psychological factors        
Lesson 21 - Written exam preparation        
Stage 3 Written Exam        

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Text and photos (if any) Copyright 2005-8 Philip Greenspun.