Lunch at Nashua

by Philip Greenspun; revised April 2005

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Student becomes familiar with using an airplane for transportation, emphasizing fun and convenience. Student becomes comfortable with the flight controls and learns to control the airplane in straight-and-level flight.



We explicitly leave out the following: extensive student pre-flight, flight planning, VFR flight plan filing, opening, and closing.


  1. 0-30 minutes: planning in the lounge
  2. 30-45: pre-flight and getting settled in the airplane
  3. 45-60: taxiing out and running up
  4. 60-75: taking off and flying around in the practice area
  5. 75-85: descending to, approaching and landing at Nashua
  6. 85-90: parking
  7. 90-135: lunch and discussion
  8. 135-150: tour of Wings pilot shop
  9. 150-170: quick pre-flight, taxi out, and run up
  10. 170-180: fly back to Bedford
  11. 180-195: park and secure airplane
  12. 195-210: evaluation and discussion
Total time: 3:30!


Instructor Actions

The instructor does all of the first pre-flight, with the student observing. The instructor helps the student with takeoffs and does the final 500' of both landings. The instructor makes radio calls on tower frequencies.

Student Actions

The student does the second (abbreviated) pre-flight and most of the manipulation of the flight controls. The student makes the radio calls on ground control frequencies.

Completion Standards

Altitude within 200 feet; heading within 20 degrees.


Reading Assignment

Jeppesen Private Pilot Manual Part II "Flight Operations" (charts, airspace, airports)
Text and photos (if any) Copyright 2005-2007 Philip Greenspun.