Up, Down, Left, and Right

by Philip Greenspun; revised April 2005

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This is a local flight from Bedford to the practice area and back. The student becomes proficient with straight-and-level flight, turns, climbs, and descents. The student gets better at dividing his or her attention between visual and instrument references.




  1. 0-15 minutes: planning in the lounge
  2. 15-30: pre-flight and getting settled in the airplane
  3. 30-45: taxiing out and running up
  4. 45-90: the flight
  5. 90-105: park and secure airplane
  6. 105-120: evaluation and discussion
Total time: 2:00


Instructor Actions

The instructor does the final 500' of both landings and may add some rudder as necessary.

Student Actions

The student does all radio communications and manipulation of the flight controls except for the final approach and landing.

Completion Standards

Altitude within 100 feet; heading within 10 degrees.


Reading Assignment

Trainer aircraft A.F.M.
Text and photos (if any) Copyright 2005-2007 Philip Greenspun.