Ground: Pilotage and VOR

by Philip Greenspun; revised April 2005

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The student learns how the VOR system works, learns to operate a VOR receiver, and learns to find an aircraft's position given only VOR radials.




  1. 0-45 minutes: planning at desktop/chalkboard
  2. 45-60: working with Microsoft Flight Simulator
Total time: 1:00


Instructor Actions

The instructor sets up Microsoft Flight Simulator with obscured weather and slews the aircraft position.

Student Actions

The student operates the keyboard and mouse to tune the VOR receivers in the simulated aircraft.

Completion Standards

Student is able to establish position within 2 miles using VORs.


Reading Assignment

Jeppesen Private Pilot Manual Part III "Aviation Weather". AIM section on Wake Turbulence (Chapter 7, Section 3).
Text and photos (if any) Copyright 2005-2007 Philip Greenspun.