The Long Runway at Pease

by Philip Greenspun; revised April 2005

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The student will learn how to update a flight plan with current weather information and to update a flight plan in flight with revised ETAs. The student will use a VOR receiver in flight. The student will become comfortable with flying low over the runway. The student will be introduced to approaching and landing without flaps. The student will learn to pick an appropriate landing spot for wake turbulence avoidance.




  1. 0-30 minutes: checking weather, planning in the lounge
  2. 30-45: pre-flight and getting settled in the airplane
  3. 45-60: taxiing out and running up
  4. 60-120: flight to Pease and stop-and-goes
  5. 120-150: rest at FBO
  6. 150-210: return to Bedford via shoreline and Lawrence
  7. 210-225: park and secure airplane
  8. 225-240: discussion and evaluation
Total time: 4:00


Instructor Actions

The instructor helps with landing flares and with the reduced flap landings. The instructor takes the flight controls while the student fusses with VORs

Student Actions

The student does the flight planning and keeps the flight log updated while manipulating the flight controls.

Completion Standards

Altitude within 100 feet; heading within 10 degrees; airspeeds within 10 knots. Arrival at waypoints within 5 minutes of ETA.


Reading Assignment

AIM section on meteorology and weather services.
Text and photos (if any) Copyright 2005-2007 Philip Greenspun.