Ground: Weather

by Philip Greenspun; revised April 2005

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The student learns about available weather products, how weather systems affect flying conditions, and practical use of the weather computers in well-equipped FBOs.




  1. 0-90 minutes: discussion and planning
Total time: 1:30


Instructor Actions

The instructor picks sample flights for research and discussion, including flights to be made 1 or 2 days in the future.

Student Actions

The student checks the weather over the proposed routes and makes go/no-go decisions.

Completion Standards

The student is able to interpret a METAR or TAF. The student is able to use the core features and services of the weather computer.


Reading Assignment

AIM: Chapter 3 (Airspace) and reread Chapter 4 (Air Traffic Control).
Text and photos (if any) Copyright 2005-2007 Philip Greenspun.