Serious Fish.  Monterey Aquarium.  California.

Absolute Favorite Pictures

of Philip Greenspun, narcissist.
Self-portrait, Avalanche Lake, Glacier National Park.

I'm much happier behind the camera than in front of it, but right in Chapter 1 of my book on Web publishing I wrote that personal home pages should have pictures of the publisher.

In order to delay the inevitable, let's delve into my photographic roots. Here are some pictures I took of our family. My brother Harry is wearing a Harvard T-shirt and we're up in Boston in front of my Mom's father's hardware store, leading me to believe that this was taken in 1976 when we all went north for my Dad's 25th reunion at Harvard.

Nikon F4, 24/2.8 AF lens, Fuji Velvia, tripod.

(the right-hand photo is of the Melrose Hardware in 1994, still in business on Wyoming Avenue)

Here are some 1990s photos of my dad's mother and mom's father (with Alex):

Shirley Greenspun.  Manhattan 1995. Shirley Greenspun.  Manhattan 1995. Shirley Greenspun.  Manhattan 1995.

Nick Gittes at Melrose Care. 1998. Nick Gittes and Alex. 1998.

Here are some truly dreadful photos of me taken before I realized that I should never let myself be seen without a dog.

Philip Greenspun in Switzerland (Jungfraujoch).  1983. Philip Greenspun on a horse.  Arizona 1989.

The Post-Dog Epiphany Era

me and George (please do not send email asking which one is the dog)

George inspired me to write Travels with Samantha, which begins with his end.

[credits: photo by Rebecca Schudlich; lighting by me (in my studio); ProPhotoCD scan from 645 negative courtesy Frank Caico]

Me and Paul Whitmore at Hearst Corporation's New Media divison, August 1995, photo by Che Graham Me and Paul, in New York, August 1995

Of course, Paul isn't a dog but he does cover my carcass rather effectively

[credit: Ché Graham]

Philip and Alex in bed using PowerBook (photo: Rob Silvers) me and Alex on the Stearns & Foster in my apartment. December 1996. Photo: Rob Silvers (for when I was interviewed by Il Mondo magazine).
SARA Sanctuary.  Seguin, Texas At SARA Sanctuary; January 1999

Better photos

As of October 1997, there were 7000 other photos on my Web server. Because I was behind the camera instead of it front of it, all 7000 have one thing in common: they look much better than the photos you see on this page!

For comprehensive tours of my photo collections, start at either my travel page or my photo page.

Provincetown Dunes.  Cape Cod.  Massachusetts. Big Island, Hawaii