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BIG BIG BIG Interior of the famous church at Oxford University BIG A shop in Oxford, England BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG My friend Klaus's parents run this hotel, Steinasage, in the Black Forest (Bonndorf, tel (07703) 584, FAX 583) BIG My friend Klaus's parents run this hotel, Steinasage, in the Black Forest (Bonndorf, tel (07703) 584, FAX 583) BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG The Brandenburg Gate, Berlin BIG The tour boat Vaterland cruises through the center of Berlin BIG My friend John Klein, Ph.D. in math, an affirmative-action refugeeworking in Germany BIG Synagogue in East Berlin, gradually being restored from the damage it suffered during Reichkristallnacht and then the war BIG A wall in East Berlin circa 1993 still bears the scars of the Red Army BIG Soviet memorial marking the spot where Berlin's 55,000 Jews were collected for deportation BIG Soviet memorial to the victims of the Nazis, on the site of the old Jewish cemetery in Berlin (dug up by the Nazis) BIG John stands alone where the tombstones of 12,000 Jews once were (the Nazis dug up the graves) BIG John and Berlin's signature water pumps (you aren't supposed to drink the water but he did) BIG A Trabbi next to a Berlin street named after the town where V2 rockets were made BIG The television tower in Alexanderplatz represented the height of Communist technology BIG The Neue Wache (New Watch), built as a guardhouse for the Kaiser, became Germany's unknown soldier monument after the First World War.  Hitler remade it slightly into a monument glorifying militarism and victorious Russians turned it into a monument to the victims of the Nazis.  Now the Germans are are turning it into a universalist monument. BIG Frederick the Great rides in the middle of Unter den Linden, whose trees were cut down to facilitate Nazi parades BIG Opernplatz, where the Nazis held their first book burning BIG Soviet plaque commemorating the book burning BIG The East German opera BIG West Berlin's Soviet War Memorial BIG West Berlin's Soviet War Memorial BIG The Reichstag, sans dome BIG Wannsee, where the Final Solution was planned BIG Frederick the Great's Potsdam playground BIG Voltaire's face on a monkey, proving that it is unwise to irritate a royal host such as Frederick the Great BIG Entrance to Treptower Park, the Soviets' massive WWII memorial in East Berlin BIG Mother Russia BIG Translation:  BIG The Germans attack (Treptower Park, Berlin) BIG The Russians arm  (Treptower Park, Berlin) BIG The Russians fight back (Treptower Park, Berlin) BIG What little remains of the Berlin Wall BIG Kreuzberg, home to Turks and Berlin's counterculture BIG Kreuzberg, home to Turks and Berlin's counterculture BIG Berlin crowds shopping on Saturday morning BIG Berlin deadbeats hang out in front of the Kaiser Wilhelm church BIG Schloss Charlottenburg, destroyed by British bombers but rebuilt as the Berlin nexus of German tourism BIG One out of three buildings in Berlin was destroyed by British and American bombs BIG View from my train going along the Elbe River south from Berlin to Prague BIG Leona, the first Czech whom I met in Prague BIG The Charles Bridge, Prague's ultimate hangout BIG Prague Castle at sunset BIG Prague Castle at sunset BIG Inside the St. Nicholas Church (Prague) BIG The Golden Lane, where Kafka lived for a summer (Prague) BIG Catholic officials were hurled from these windows and either (1) sprouted wings and were saved by the Virgin Mary (according to the Church) or (2) landed in a dungheap (according to eyewitnesses).  Prague has been the scene of many defenestrations. BIG Prague's cathedral BIG The grave of a young woman killed in the Prague Spring BIG A canal in Prague BIG Prague's signature tourist clock, in the Old Town Square BIG Prague's Old Town Square, where American and Canadian deadbeats hang out BIG Plaque describing German actions in Prague's Old Town Square, a few days after the official end of the war BIG Prague's Old Town Square BIG The Jewish cemetery, a staple of Prague tourism BIG The Pinkasova synagogue, whose walls were painted with the names of 77,297 Czech Jews killed by the Germans (rubbed out by the Communists and repainted in 1993) BIG The Czech Republic is filled with technology that works and is built with taste, e.g., this subway station BIG If you give this Bambino di Praga some jewels, you will allegedly be rewarded in this life BIG
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