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You can go back to what you were reading by using the Back button on your browser. Or you can try clicking here to go back" } ns_return $conn 200 text/html " $jpeg_front My FlashPix images are typically 2000x3000 pixel PhotoCD scans, converted with some JPEGing to 1.5 MB FlashPix files. If you a Java-capable browser, you will be able to zoom and pan around among these bits without ever downloading all of them. If you're a graphic artist or wish to print the image, you'll get the best quality and minimum download time by simply grabbing the raw FlashPix file. ...

User Interface: shift-click to zoom in, click to pan, control-click to zoom out.


If you wish to make a print of this image for personal use, you should probably read my article on color printers, especially the tips at the top for how to select the View Image option and the Print Preview.

Note: if you are a Web publisher interested in using FlashPix on your own site, you might wish to read my guide to publishing FlashPix.