Halloween Parade 1995

by Philip Greenspun.

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It used to be small and crowded and down Christopher Street in the Village. Now it is big and crowded and up 6th Avenue starting in Greenwich Village and continuing up to around 20th Street.

It was probably a lot wilder and less clothed and more gay in the good old days. Now whole families turn out, not to mention half the NYPD.

The costumes at left are impressive, but somehow I was more drawn to the one on the right (no, that is not a self-portrait).

My friend Norman (at left) was upset that I didn't recognize him. However, I had no trouble recognizing a group of friends dressed as the Four Seasons (right).

Generic Parade Snapshots

After the Parade

Traditionally, there is an all-night, mostly naked, mostly drunken party along Christopher Street following the parade. I didn't have the stamina to stay for the whole thing, but people did appear to be a little more, uh, unbuttoned.

Text and pictures copyright 1995 Philip Greenspun