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Visit our Bookstore for the latest technical guides on Microsoft technology!

Welcome to IT Specialist Magazine! A new Web Guide for specialists in the information technology industry. Our primary focus is on Microsoft technology and those who implement it, such as Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCP). But you don't have to be an MCP to enjoy our magazine! We welcome all who are interested information technology, particularly Microsoft technology, since that's our specialty.

Make sure to check out Ian Lindsay's latest article on Windows NT login scripts! See the Features section for this great article on the secrets to sucessfully implementing this powerful feature of Windows NT.

Our new Web guide provides  the latest information on Microsoft technology and the Microsoft Certified Professional program. From articles on Microsoft systems to book reviews on MCP training guides, we've got it all. And there's more to come!

Even if you're not an MCP, you'll benefit from many of the tips and techniques, articles, and links to resources on the Internet that IT Specialist Magazine has to offer. And feel free to take full advantage of our Career Center where you'll find jobs listings from some of the top companies in the U.S. You can also post your resume in the career center anonymously and let us help you screen prospective employers. The IT Specialist Career Center has matched hundreds of MCPs with Companies over the past year alone. 

So, stay tuned to receive timely, informative articles on the latest applications and systems from Microsoft,  as well as from other players in the information technology industry. And make sure to visit our Career Center to post your resume in the IT Specialist Resume Bank

If you prefer, we can notify you of the latest news and information from IT Specialist Magazine via e-mail in summary. Click on the link below to sign up for our News Alert. Note: This information will not be distributed to any outside source. 

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Employers! Make sure to visit the Career Center for our huge database of candidates from around the world!

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