<% Response.Buffer = True %> <% CONST ResultPage = "BPAwards_Screener_Result.asp" 'static Filename of result/response page CONST NoOfSections = 1 CONST NoOfQuestions = 8 Dim ToolName Dim ArSecStr, ArSecHdr, ArSecQNos, ArBpAv ReDim ArSecStr (NoOfSections) 'static 'array of section descriptions ReDim ArSecHdr (NoOfSections) 'static 'array of section header names ReDim ArSecQNos (NoOfSections) 'static 'array of no questions per section ReDim ArBpAv (NoOfSections) 'static 'array of no questions per section Dim ArQStr, ArQIdealAns, ArQExpln ReDim ArQStr (NoOfQuestions) 'static 'array of questions ReDim ArQIdealAns (NoOfQuestions) 'static 'array of ideal ans for each question ArSecQNos(1) = 8 ArBpAv(1) = (Request.Form("Q1") * 1) + (Request.Form("Q2") * 1) + (Request.Form("Q3") * 1) + (Request.Form("Q4") * 1) + (Request.Form("Q5") * 1) + (Request.Form("Q6") * 1) + (Request.Form("Q7") * 1) + (Request.Form("Q8") * 1) ArQIdealAns(1) = True ArQIdealAns(2) = True ArQIdealAns(3) = True ArQIdealAns(4) = True ArQIdealAns(5) = True ArQIdealAns(6) = True ArQIdealAns(7) = True ArQIdealAns(8) = True If Request.QueryString("rqtToolName") = "Exceeding" Then ToolName = "Exceeding Customer Expectations" ArSecStr(1) = "Is your company EXCEEDING customer expectations?" ArSecHdr(1) = "Customer expectations" ArQStr(1) = "Do you communicate to all employees progress towards the company’s customer satisfaction goals?" ArQStr(2) = "Do employee performance reviews include a measure of customer satisfaction?" ArQStr(3) = "Does your company mission statement make specific reference to customer satisfaction?" ArQStr(4) = "Are employees who interact with customers cross-trained to answer queries outside their immediate department?" ArQStr(5) = "Does your company survey its customers annually?" ArQStr(6) = "Do you maintain a customer database that tracks customer needs or preferences?" ArQStr(7) = "Are any customers treated differently?" ArQStr(8) = "Does your company have specific performance measures relating to customer satisfaction?" HiddenField = "" ElseIf Request.QueryString("rqtToolName") = "Motivating" Then ToolName ="Motivating and Retaining Employees" ArSecStr(1) = "Do your people give their BEST?" ArSecHdr(1) = "Employees motivated" ArQStr(1) = "Do employees participate in setting the goals for which they will be responsible?" ArQStr(2) = "Are company training dollars available for all employees, regardless of level or job track?" ArQStr(3) = "Do you perform exit interviews with all employees who leave the company?" ArQStr(4) = "Do you conduct surveys to assess employee morale and job satisfaction?" ArQStr(5) = "Does the company offer flexible work arrangements and work-life programs to assist employees in balancing career and family?" ArQStr(6) = "Is your company’s turnover rate lower than the industry average?" ArQStr(7) = "Can you demonstrate that your employee compensation is externally competitive and internally equitable?" ArQStr(8) = "Does your company have an employee coaching or mentoring program?" HiddenField = "" ElseIf Request.QueryString("rqtToolName") = "Unleashing" Then ToolName ="Unleashing the Power of Technology" ArSecStr(1) = "Is your company taking full advantage of today’s TECHNOLOGY?" ArSecHdr(1) = "Today’s technology" ArQStr(1) = "Are employees able to access computer and telephone networks from remote locations?" ArQStr(2) = "Do all employees share a common software platform?" ArQStr(3) = "Can your customers place orders with you electronically? " ArQStr(4) = "Is the primary form of internal communications electronic (e-mail, bulletin boards, voice mail)?" ArQStr(5) = "Do most of your workstations have processors the equivalent of a pentium or better?" ArQStr(6) = "Does your company use ""distance learning"" to educate its employees?" ArQStr(7) = "Does your company have a technology manager who is part of its top management team?" ArQStr(8) = "Can your employees run software applications when the network is down?" HiddenField = "" Else ToolName = "Default" End If %> Arthur Andersen - Best Practices Awards: <%= ToolName %> quiz
<%=ToolName %> Quiz

How do you know if your company is setting the pace, keeping up or falling behind? Take this quiz for a sneak preview of the Best Practices Awards application questions, and find out how your company scores.

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