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firewall1.jpg (7326 bytes) When you’re facing one of today’s toughest problems—
"How do I protect my networked systems and implement the right security for my organization?"—you need a solution that doesn’t blow smoke! You need DIGITAL
TM Servers for Windows NT and AltaVistaTM Firewall—the only firewall that takes an active role in security. DIGITAL Servers for Windows NT deliver the best performance and scalability for systems in their class—providing a cost-effective solution that addresses both your current and future needs.

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Active Firewall
  • URL blocking.
  • Preconfigured generic proxies.
  • Powerful and flexible authentication services/libraries.
  • NCSA certified.
Ease of Management
  • Best-in-class local and remote Web-based management.
  • Firewall checklist.
  • GUI support.
  • Year 2000 readiness.
  • Outstanding performance and investment protection.
  • Dual Intel and AlphaTM architectures.
  • Common system management.
Reliability and Availability
  • 3-year, on-site, next-business-day warranty.
  • Worldwide, world-class service from DIGITAL.
You need an active firewall
Only the widely respected AltaVistaTM Firewall is quick and nimble enough to be called the active firewall. It’s the only one that independently reacts to network violations—while alerting you via pager, E-mail, or audio alarm—and even shuts down the firewall against heavy attacks. AltaVista stays ahead of problems because it knows all the tricks. It’s the highest level of protection for your network.

When built on an award-winning DIGITALTM Server, the AltaVista Firewall for Windows NT provides a flexible and secure connection between your private network and the Internet or other insecure public TCP/IP networks. It prevents unauthorized access to your private network—while providing controlled access to Internet services to users within your network.

Advantages of the AltaVista Firewall

Active firewall

The AltaVista Firewall is the only firewall that takes an active role in your security management. With its unique intelligence, it warns you of impending intrusions, is constantly looking for threats to your defined security zone, and takes immediate action when attacks do occur.

Secure remote management
The AltaVista Firewall offers error-proof setup through Windows wizards and secure remote management from a centralized console running Windows 95 or Windows NT. Using AltaVista Firewall, you can efficiently manage firewalls on numerous platforms from anywhere within the intranet or from an untrusted network through a Web-based graphical interface. Unlike other products that establish a weak link to the firewall via a serial port Telnet session, the AltaVista Firewall includes the AltaVista Tunnel for remote management—at no extra cost.

URL blocking
The AltaVista Firewall can block individual URLs, restricting access to specific Web pages to preserve network performance or increase productivity.

New and enhanced proxies
The AltaVista Firewall includes additional proxy support for WWW, RealAudio
TM, UDP, and SQL*net. The updated WWW proxy offers significant performance enhancements and supports HTTP, HTTPS/SSL, gopher, and ftp. The RealAudio proxy lets you prevent or allow users on internal network systems to access RealAudio services on the external network via Web browsers. And Proxy Setup is even easier for network administrators with new, preconfigured transparent-mode proxies that avoid tedious configuration of network applications such as Web browsers.

Recommended DIGITAL Servers include:
DIGITAL Server 3100/3100R/3200/3200R
  • Pedestal or rackmount
  • Robust networking for Windows NT environments
  • Integrated high-performance features
  • Pentium Pro or Pentium II processors
  • 4 hot-swap bays
  • Intelligent server management
DIGITAL Server 3300/3300R
  • Pedestal or rackmount
  • AlphaTM 64-bit processor at 400MHz or 500MHz speeds
  • 4 hot-swap bays
  • DIGITAL Clusters for Windows NT and NTS/E’s Microsoft Cluster Server
  • Special built-in features to run today’s electronic commerce applications
DIGITAL Server 5100/5200
  • High-performance system architecture, including single- or dual-processor configurations
  • Designed for future growth, with superior scalability required for electronic commerce applications
  • 7 hot-swap bays
  • Support for multi-channel RAID
  • Redundant cooling and power
DIGITAL Server 5300
  • 64-bit Alpha processor with speeds up to 533MHz
  • 7 hot-swap bays
  • Upgradable to dual processors
DIGITAL portfolio of Internet services

Once you are doing business on the Internet, you may want to expand or enhance your operation. At DIGITAL, we’re ready to help you with these worldwide services:

  • Internet Security Services—in addition to firewalls, DIGITAL offers encryption and tunnels to secure your commercial enterprise and protect sensitive data.
  • Internet Service Provisioning—for ISPs who want to move into next-generation services, such as membership, news, and personalization services.
  • Internet Commerce Integration Services—to increase your commercial capabilities, such as handling multiple currencies or various tax and shipping models.
  • Infrastructure Services—to plan, design, and implement a network infrastructure or data center.
  • Internet Operation Management Services—to plan, stage, and develop commercial applications on a DIGITAL-hosted facility, such as your company’s Web site.