In our Internet Solutions Area, we’ve created what we believe are very clear and affordable "entry plans" for businesses wanting to start and develop a successful business Internet site. Our Internet Strategy Session helps identify advantages and opportunities on the Internet and in your business, and helps you develop a plan for migrating there.

When you’re ready to set up your site, our "Presence Package," is an ideal beginning for most companies who simply need to "get there." It is complete and professional, without risking an enormous initial investment. And when you are ready to grow, it can easily be expanded without losing the responsive and user-friendly interface your customers have grown to enjoy. Additional features and services can easily be added as your needs develop; why buy what you’re not sure you need until you at least "get there?" If you are ready for a larger, fuller-featured site, our Publishing and Commerce packages are great starts for those wishing to publish lots of information or provide Internet commerce without spending a fortune.

We also have several hosting options so you can buy what you need today and ramp up to what you may need tomorrow. And, of course, we can customize anything you desire, to provide you exactly what you need. From leasing domain and server sharing to server leasing, co-location and bringing it all in-house, the InterNexus team of Internet specialists can work with you at every step of the way.

When you’re ready to promote and publicize your site, we can help you register in all the key locations and utilize new web advertising technologies such as chat, link exchanges, and publicity campaigns. This field is one of the hottest on the net and there are new approaches to driving customers to your site all the time. Let InterNexus help you pick the best for your business.

We have put together several solutions to balance professional features with reasonable costs for companies starting out on the Internet. In addition to these introductory solutions, we can provide a full range of custom solutions tailored to your company’s specific needs. We want to be your Internet agency for a long time.

"Fail to plan; plan to fail" or so the saying goes. In our Internet Strategy Session we sit down with your company’s leadership and help them "see the big picture," plan your entry onto the Internet step-by-step utilizing whatever resources you deem important to your business, and strategize when and how to grow in order to maximize effectiveness and minimize cost.
Our Presence Package brings your business’ name and primary products and services to the Internet. The purpose of this approach to your site is to provide or "serve" information about your company to the Internet community.
The Publishing & Distribution Package is for companies that are ready for more than getting their name on the net; they want to disseminate information. In addition to everything the above package offers, the "Publisher Server Package" allows you to customize your Internet presence to provide a larger website that disseminates information about your products and services, as well as adding email services for your company. There is even an option for adding a Knowledge Base or conference area with live chat and file uploading and downloading to better service your customers.
Our Commerce Package is for companies ready to "do business on the net." Customers can shop online, place an order, send you the order via fax or email, even charge the order to their credit card. Our servers handle everything from integrating your product database with your website to taking the orders and forwarding them to the proper parties to performing the actual financial transactions with the bank. By having InterNexus handle your serving needs, your company’s office network remains isolated and secure, while your business can thrive on the net. This may be the very best reason for choosing an Internet service bureau to handle your Internet service needs.
Professional companies have their own domain name. That is the expectation on the Internet today. Furthermore, that extends to their email and any other services they may employ. Your customers want to see that you are every bit as professional as everyone else. InterNexus can host a full domain solution for your company. We can help you research and acquire an available domain name (i.e. yourcompany.com) and make sure your entire site has the full functionality and appearance your customers expect from a professional Internet business.
What if your address just isn’t that important? If you build a better mousetrap maybe they will beat a path to your door. You just need to have a door. We can provide you an inexpensive host solution sharing our domain name with your company (e.g. www.inexus.com/yourcompany). If and when you need a full domain solution, your site can easily be migrated there.
Sometimes a site is so extensive and performance so crucial that your business plan requires the resources of a server or set of servers fully dedicated to just serving your site. We can build a custom server to your specifications and lease it to you for dedicated operation to your site.
If you prefer to own and maintain your own Internet server, but just need a place to connect it to the Internet, One of our Co-Location Solutions is for you. Your server can be located in our secure server room directly connected to our Internet connection but still be fully controlled by you.
Many companies have discovered web technology to be excellent for inter-office communication. Our Intranet solution essentially places a non-Internet-connected web server in your offices where employees or customers can browse information locally without ever connecting to the Internet and risking connecting the corporate LAN to the net.
If you want full control of everything, but need a hand getting it all set up, our On-Site solution is a great package for your business. We schedule and manage planning, installation and maintenance (optional) of a live 24x7 Internet connection at your business location. you through the unfamiliar We get territory of getting started. You decide where your business goes from there. Do your employees have a LAN connection to the server or must use that machine for Internet-related tasks? Do you manage the server locally or outsource it’s management while maintaining your own security? The control is completely in your hands.
An Internet Campaign is a custom solution targeting your specific business goals. We run a campaign advertising your site throughout the Internet to drive customers to your door. While it’s true customers can link to any site anywhere, where they see that link can make the difference between their visiting your site and even knowing you exist.

Of course, InterNexus can custom design a solution that’s perfect for your business needs today, but that can move in whatever direction your business takes you tomorrow. We try to rely on tried and tested standards and products to give you the most reliable and future flexible solution possible. But our expert staff can completely customize a solution tailored to the unique needs of your business. Our goal is that you be completely happy with the service and the products we provide your business.


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