DIGITAL Server 3300/3305 - Competitive Comparison
Feature DIGITAL ServerTM 3300/3305 IBM PC Server 330 Dell
CPU support 400MHz or 500MHz Alpha processor w/ 96KB L2 cache and 2MB L3 cache One or two 200MHz Pentium Pro processors w/256KB L2 cache; Pentium II upgradable
Hard disk drive interface Integrated single Ultra-Wide SCSI Integrated Ultra Fast-Wide SCSI
I/O slots 6 (5 available) 9 (9 available)
Maximum memory 2GB EDO ECC DIMM 1GB EDO DIMM
Graphics Integrated SVGA PCI 32-bit S3 Trio w/1MB VRAM Integrated SVGA Cirrus w/1MB DRAM (upgradable to 2MB)
Networking Integrated PCI Fast Ethernet (card uses slot) Integrated PCI Ethernet
Maximum internal storage 72GB 31.57GB
Hot-Swap drives 4 6
Power supply 350W 350W
Cluster support Yes Third-party
RAID option Yes Yes
Optional redundant power No Yes
Management ServerWORKSTM IBM NetFinity
Note:   Product comparisons are based on published reports and are subject to change.