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Experimental psychologists and the Freakonomics guys have found that a woman's physical attractiveness is the most important thing for most men, regardless of what they might say. At a social gathering of up to 100 people, it is 95 percent probable that Clarissa will be the most beautiful woman in the room. She is about 5'9" tall with a naturally fit body and curves in all of the right places. Clarissa glows with a robust good health. She must have some Viking or American Indian blood because she wakes up at sunrise with enough energy to run her dog around the local reservoir, never gets sick, and is a natural athlete. She is basically stylish and hip, though women blessed with her kind of looks don't need to shop at Barney's or wear jewels.

Clarissa has a good job at a big company where her skills and hard work are recognized. She probably won't rise into top management because she isn't sufficiently diplomatic in dealing with people whose performance is mediocre or worse. Her income would make her rich in the Midwest, but here in Cambridge where a crummy old wooden house costs more than an airworthy Boeing 737, she probably earns just above average for someone with a master's degree.

Clarissa can be very supportive of a man whom she respects and will provide significant support on whatever project you are trying to complete. She is trustworthy for the important stuff. If you needed someone to pick your dog up at the vet, Clarissa would be the first person you'd call.

She is talkative and lively. In her college years, she did the rounds of hip Manhattan clubs. These days you are more likely to find her at the Boston Symphony.

By the snobbish pedantic standards of the Boston area, Clarissa is not an intellectual, but she is naturally drawn to the New Yorker and the kinds of books that would be reviewed in New Yorker. She is not a scientist, but is interested in things technical and scientific. She is a competent user of Microsoft Windows and tries to help her mother with her Macintosh (so do I, but I can't figure it out!).

Clarissa is reasonably courageous. She is happy to ride in a small airplane or helicopter with a pilot whom she considers prudent. She has a reasonable touch on the controls as well, and can keep an airplane on course and at an assigned altitude, but has not done serious flight training.

Clarissa will charm your parents. She knows how to pay attention and show respect to her elders.

Clarissa values friends and culture more than material things. She has always had some money in her life and has spent some time with the genuinely rich in various situations and certainly wouldn't mind the private jets and the beachfront mansions, but she isn't willing to compromise her integrity to get closer to those things.

Clarissa is a great cook and enjoys good wine, but could also go a week without a drink. She is a good travel planner and enjoys seeing and learning new things. She is not religious.

What does she want from you? Intelligence and conversation; marriage and children. She will be a great mother. She is 100 percent loyal and faithful. She is 37 so it is probably best to proceed quickly.

Interested? Send email to and I will forward it to "Clarissa" (not her real name).