Reactions with a Technology/WWW angle

to Travels with Samantha
I really liked your comments on software and the tools we're given to
write it. I write X stuff in C. I can't believe the industry still
uses it.  I remember that when the ANS standard came out, a lot of
people were impressed by function prototypes. Jeez. We're writing
2-million line realtime systems that could kill folks, and until
recently we couldn't even be sure we had the right number of arguments
to a function...C++ is no improvement, just cheesy object syntax
grafted on top of C.

I swore when I got my MS that I'd never go back to school, but the
ridiculous software tools we have these days are slowly convincing me
to get a PhD so I can save the world.

(probably should remain anonymous for job security)

This is the best thing I've seen in years = something I always wanted to do and I can do it right from my desk top. The pictures are really great ! The internet really owes you a lot for the brilliant collection !!! Karthik Guruswamy (
Wonderful writing and excellently adapted to the network. The pictures were beautiful; it was great to see some *good* pictures digitized well. Being LDS and living in Utah, I was particularly interested in your comments on Utah and Mormanism. Your writing is insightful without being arogant or sarcastic. Thanks for your work, and thanks for sharing it. Paul Black (
Congrats for making the absolute BEST WWW resource on the whole net! (No one else is even close) I have saved several of your stunning photos for my Win wallpaper. My usually tacturn boss walked in and exclaimed loudly that I had to the source of the pix. Of course I couldn't remember, hehe. Bruce Johnson (BaDge) (
This is the best WWW content I have seen, and I've seen a lot. This thing ought to be a textbook for intelligent Web design and a benchmark for substance vs style. John Maxwell (