Our Mission Statement
To match loveable animals in shelters with loveable people
To help the living quality of animals in our communities


Is there room in your home and heart for one of our orphans?

If you are an animal lover and are looking for a pet, this site is for you! ArfDigita is a free web service devoted to providing a convenient way for matching animals who need homes with people who want loving pets. Unlike the old school on-line pet adoption services, ArfDigita allows you to not only search through multiple shelters at once, but also apply to adopt the pet you've always wanted straight through the web. At ArfDigita you can see the pets who are waiting to be adopted, find the shelters in your area, and get started with the adoption process.

Finding good homes and reponsible owners for lost and abandoned animals is only part of our system's efforts. In addition, ArfDigita hosts an online community with links to pet care information, training tips, and a Q&A forum to support owners in need of a helping hand.


What do we have?

Dogs, cats, hamsters, and many more pets!
All shapes and sizes from small to large
Temperaments from active and outgoing to reserved and calm
All colors from black to white
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    User Features

    View pictures of the adorable animals
    Search the shelters closest to you
    Search by keyword. Do you like brown dogs? Do you like German Shepherds? Do you like well-behaved or small hamsters? Do you want a neutered or self caring cat? This easy search feature will allow you to search through multiple shelters for any unique features you desire in your ideal pet. 
    Application process is all on-line. After answering a few simple questions, you can request the animal of your choice at the shelter of your choice. Notification of changes in the status of your application will be through email or phone. In addition, you have the ability to check the status of any of your applications online. 
    Post Adoption Reminders. ArfDigita will remind you via email of your animal care needs like getting your pet annual shots or giving her monthly heartworm pills. 
    Personal profiles and application information are saved so that you only have to fill out the information once ... no matter how many times you adopt. 

    Shelter Features

    Easy for shelters to upload animal information and pictures into the database. (picture on left)
    Keeps records about animals even after leaving the shelter
    Provides statistics about your shelter compared to all other shelters

ArfDigita began operation in May 1999. It was created by the volunteer efforts of Randy Graebner, Charlie Lee, Lalaine Loa, and Aileen Tang, from MIT, and Eve Andersson from ArsDigita, with the constant encouragement of Alex Samoyed.

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