Gregory Dennis, Winston Wang, and Liyan Guo

The MIT Center for Wireless Technology has produced a wealth of research over the years but until now, has had no easy means of organizing this information or presenting it to the outside world. CWN Online will provide the Center's researchers with the management tools they are looking for. CWN Online is both a sophisticated content management system and a full-fledged online community where users can learn about and directly participate in cutting edge wireless research.



Web-Based Content Management


  • Upload and edit your publications


·         Organize your files into groups and projects for easier navigation.


·         Extensive community features, including Q & A forums, job listings, and event postings.


·         Personalize your user experience. Bookmark your favorite content, see others' bookmarks, and ask for recommendations based on your personal interests.


·         View the most popular publications and most recent additions

Collaborative Bibiography


  • Comprehensive user profiles, including research interests and history of contributions to the site.


·         Flexibility. Edit and reorder the authors list for each publication. Share publications betweeen muliple projects.


·         Full-text search engine to find everything you need.



Extensive Administrative Tools


  • Comprehensive site statistics. See what users are contributing and where interest lies in the wireless community.


·         Modify page permissions. Easily control access any section of the site.


·         Exclude unwanted users from participating in the site.


·         Approve or reject content with a single click.


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