United Way International
Team Members: Folu Okunseinde, GJ Snyder III, & Robert Zhang

UWI Main Screen
Main Screen

United Way International (UWI) is a not-for-profit organization whose purpose is to strengthen communities and improve lives around the world. Currently, UWI has over 3,000 community-based fundraising organizations in 42 countries. Collectively, these organizations raise over US$723 million annually through appeals that mobilize more than two million volunteers

The United Way International Web Portal provides a one stop IT solution for UWI members around the world. Unlike a static web site, this web portal is a online community that enables efficient knowledge sharing for the organization as well as providing comprehensive donor management capabilities.

Using this application, members can submit annual surveys online to facilitate data collection and analysis. Executives on the road can receive support from their staff over the web. Members can easily share expertise over online discussion board.

Key Features
Document Properties
Document Properties

Document Archive is where UWI members can share documents with the rest of the organization. The archive implements a virtual file system on top of a RDBMS providing high reliability and ease of use. Users can attach attributes to an uploaded document enabling more intelligent searching. Each document can also collect and share comments from different users. This helps people with different perspectives to share their view.

Directory is a centralized place to find member and organization information. Directory provides detailed information about individual members as well as for organizations.

Member Survey is an online version of the UWI annual member survey. Bringing this service online enables instant access and analysis of the data. Instant access to member survey data results in vastly more efficient donor management for the organization.

Document Archive
Document Archive with Ratings

User Rating system provides a custom tailored viewing experience for each user. Contents on the site are presented to a registered user based on his/her previous ratings compared with other users of similar preferences.

VoiceXML and WAP interface key features such as directory and content approval are accessible by phone and wireless devices.

Advanced Searching Window
Advanced Searching
User Experience

UWI Web Portal provides users quick access to the most relevent information. Advanced Searching allows users to perform full text search on contents that are related to various specifications.

Users can also gain quick access to information about other members and organizations through directory searching. They can ask questions and get answers through the discussion board which gives the site a sense of community. The contents that are most relevent to a particular user are also presented in a recommended list.

Administration User Interface
Administration Features

Administrators have full control of the site. Here is a quick overview of the type of tasks an administrator can accomplish:

  • Approve or Reject content that are submitted by users (workflow).
  • Modifying user access rights.
  • Access various site-wide statistics.

Team Members: gj3@mit.edu, robzhang@mit.edu, folu@mit.edu
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