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part of Tcl for Web Nerds by Hal Abelson, Philip Greenspun, and Lydia Sandon; updated July 2011
Here are our suggestions for improving your knowledge and skills, organized by goal.

I want to make fuller use of Tcl per se

Tcl for Web Nerds only covers a small part of Tcl/Tk and public domain Tcl libraries and extensions.

If you want to learn how to build graphical user interface (GUI) applications with the Tk (toolkit), you're best off reading a book on Tcl/Tk, such as Brent Welch's Practical Programming in Tcl and Tk. Remember, you've just finished a book about Tcl the language and haven't learn anything about Tk because we expect that all the user interface will be handled by a Web browser. The Tcl Developer Xchange offers an up to date list of books and other resources.

I want to become a better Web nerd

It would be nice if modesty prevented us from recommending our own books, such as Software Engineering for Internet Applications, Philip and Alex's Guide to Web Publishing, and SQL for Web Nerds.

I want to become a better computer scientist

Sadly, your path to intellectual glory as a computer scientist will not be smoothed by your knowledge of Tcl. Modesty surely would prevent Hal from recommending Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs (Abelson and Sussman; MIT Press) but it is philg who is typing this page and he feels comfortable telling anyone to start there.
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