Boot Camp: How to Get there

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How to get to Boot Camp

Boot camp is at, 26 Dartmouth Street, Westwood, MA, (781) 461-6900 as is explained on the previous page. I don't recommend the Yahoo directions, exactly. Everyone seemed to find it OK, but here are driving directions anyway.

Driving to

Training is on the second floor in the back conference room.


Folk have been meeting at ArsDigita around 8:15 or so to carpool over there. If you are interested, call. Tracy Adams or James Buszard-Welcher are probably good people to contact for this (at least for the June 1999 BootCamp).

Public Transit: Train

This should work in theory... I'll try it this week and let everyone know...

I haven't heard anything about free passes or reduced rate passes. If anyone has more info or inquiries, let me know. Anything I find I'll put here.

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James Buszard-Welcher

Reader's Comments

Probably the most sensible discount for traveling to the bootcamp via MBTA Commuter Rail is to get a 12-pass. The exact price depends on the zones you cross but usually you get 12 passes for the price of 10. You can pick these passes up at the counter at South Station.

There are such things as monthly Commuter Rail passes which may be cost-effective if you have to take the T to commuter-rail.

-- Farshad Nayeri, August 1, 1999

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