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Building Perl

Last modified: Wed Jun 9 16:12:26 EDT 1999

Grab the source

You can get it from CPAN or FTP it. Move this file to a temporary directory and extract it. I use this command:

gzip -dc latest.tar.gz | tar xf -

Then cd perl5.005 and get ready to build.


Building perl can be very educational and you will learn a lot about how your system is set up (i.e. big endian? little endian?) The best thing to do is type ./Configure and let it go at that. Answer all the question or take the defaults. It's probably a great idea to read README and INSTALL.

Here is the shortcut for the lucky few:

./Configure -d -D cc=gcc
make test

Install it

make install

Lastly, we want to test out the build, so run:

make test

You should have pretty much all tests passed, none failed, though you might see some tests skipped.

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