Open ACS/.LRN Conference 2006

slides for Philip Greenspun; Novemeber 2006

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To talk about today...

Why is ACS still viable?

Close to $1 billion has been invested in building software toolkits to support Internet applications. Why is ACS still as good as anything out there?
  1. today's underlying tools are no better (Ruby on Rails and ASP.NET aren't better than PerlCGI or AOLserver/Tcl); if there were a dramatically better development environment (page flow as a first-class object), maybe someone would finally build something better
  2. programmers given specifications develop very inefficiently compared to programmers working closely with users at a real running site
  3. average programmer gets dumber every year
  4. systems integration sounds cheap and easy to managers, but is painful and difficult for programmers; hardly any company or open-source project has attempted the range that ACS covers

History of and ACS

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ACS Classic features that hurt

One random good idea

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