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Look to the right as you come in and there is a gracious living room with a piano in the background.

The coffee table caught my eye because of a beautiful "EP" glass sculpture.

A portrait of Elvis lines the stairs, but you can't go upstairs; that part of Graceland is forever closed to the public. Not even the tour guides have been there.

The decor gets a little more outre in the basement.

I liked the Jungle room the best so I took lots of pictures here.

Elvis built a special house just for his gold records and other trophies. Tour guides explain the significance of every portrait and relic. They also explain why Elvis took to wearing jumpsuits rather late in his career.

Elvis's grave and those of his immediate family are at the end of the Graceland mansion tour.

Back across the road, a special museum houses Elvis's car collection, including the Ferrari pictured below. There is also a comprehensive giftshop.

Elvis's Birthplace

If you surfed in here without reading my main story then you might have missed these pictures from Tupelo, Mississippi:

Taking Pictures Like These

The pictures on this page were created with a Canon EOS camera and 50/1.0 prime lens (a 50/1.4 would have been fine, especially with ISO 800 film). They are an example of "available light" photography, which is only possible with a lens capable of gathering a lot of light (otherwise you'd need to use the on-camera flash and that ruins everything).

You can learn how to take pictures like this by reading some of the other articles on this server. Here's a step-by-step program:

  1. Read Making Photographs, our free online photography textbook. Concentrate on the "Light" chapter.
  2. Read "What Camera Should I Buy?"
  3. Read "Where to buy a camera"
  4. Read film recommendations (unless you decided to choose a digital camera)
  5. Read laboratory recommendations
  6. Practice (repeat).

Elvis Books

These are some of the most interesting books about Elvis:

Elvis Dates

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