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"Blog" defined

ıOne of the most looked up words on Merriam-Webster Inc.ıs website throughout 2004 and a new entry in the companyıs 2005 edition of its famed dictionary, a blog is defined as ıa Web site that contains an online personal journal with reflection comments and often hyperlinks,ıı says T. Neil Sroka, ıPrincipal Investigatorı, in April 2006, in Understanding the Political Influence of Blogs: A Study of the Growing Importance of the Blogosphere in the U.S. Congress, published by The Institute for Politics, Democracy, & the Internet, The Graduate School of Political Management, The George Washington University, Washington, D.C. Further along, he cites an ıOctober 2005 estimate, between 30-50 million blogs in the United States and a staggering 100 million blogs worldwide (Reily 2005). While many more people are actively participating in the blogosphere by authoring their own blogs, even more are participating by reading what others have to say.ı