Converting Web Blade Templates to AOLserver Tcl

by Philip Greenspun for Web Tools Review, vaguely a part of Illustra Tips article
Here are the steps:
  1. Install AOLserver; grab it from Assume you set it up to listen to rooted at /web/
  2. Put my utilities.tcl file where the AOLserver will load it on server startup
  3. Put grind-funcs.tcl and grind-pages.tcl in a directory underneath the Web server root (i.e., so that they look like documents), e.g., at /web/
  4. Edit those two .tcl files to set the directory paths to legal places in your Unix file system.
  5. Use Netscape Navigator to request and then
  6. Edit the directory names at the top of and then run it.
  7. Hand-edit the output of in GNU Emacs.
Good luck! If you get stuck and want to hire a consultant, I know a few MIT undergrads who would be willing to TELNET into your server and fix things up for you. They work for about $50/hour. You can contact and pay them directly: Ben Adida, and Brian Tivol,