To whom should I give my 1993 Dodge Grand Caravan?

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I want to give my car away in January (have to get a new car first). It is a 1993 Dodge Grand Caravan with about 55,000 miles on it (this is the car that I drove to Alaska and back). It is still under warranty, has new tires, and before giving it away, I will take it to Victory Dodge (Medford, MA) and pay them to fix all the little things that are wrong with it. This minivan can hold seven people (or four people and a bunch of bikes and other stuff in the back). According to, it has a market value of about $11,000.

I'd like to donate the car where it would do the most good. All else being equal, I would prefer to donate the car to a recognized charity so that I can claim a tax deduction. But this is not a requirement. A suggestion that would not result in a tax deduction will still be considered.

My personal preferences for charities are those that help poor American kids and those that help dogs. Having read Travels with Lizbeth, I'd like to avoid giving the car to a segment of what Eighner calls the Poverty Industry.

Anyway, if you know of a good cause that could use a minivan, please post an answer here stating (1) why you like this charity, (2) your personal experience with them and why you think they are efficient, (3) what you think they could do with a minivan, and (4) how to contact them (be specific; remember that my site gets 18,000 visitors/day and that I'm going to leave this thread up; if I don't give your favorite charity my minivan, maybe someone else will read this and give one). Try to be convincing and remember that I'll leave this thread up here so that even if I decide not to give your favorite charity my particular car, perhaps someone else will.

More details on my car: It is the Grand model with the extended wheelbase and body. It is dark green in color with a grey cloth interior. It has air conditioning, anti-lock brakes, driver's side air bag, power locks, power windows, AM/FM cassette stereo, full-size spare tire (read just how much fun this is to use), four brand-new tires, 6-year, 100,000-mile extended warranty, factory roof rack, receiver-style trailer hitch.

Caveat 1: the car had some serious teething problems during its first year, most disturbingly with the brakes. In fact, my car was recalled by Chrysler presumably along with thousands of similar minivans built the same year. Anyway, between my regular service visits and the recall, I think just about everything in the car has been replaced!

Caveat 2: I had a $3000 alarm/stereo installation performed on the car when it was new and both of these were seriously flawed. I'm trying to get the wiring and equipment restored to factory specs, but I think in the long run there may be some lingering electrical problems.

-- Philip Greenspun, November 4, 1997


I love answering my own questions... the minivan is on its way right now to the Southern Animal Rescue Association (SARA; the no-kill animal shelter in Texas). I've talked to some people who know Tracy Frank, the director, and they all spoke about her selflessly pouring her own funds into this project for many years.

Oh yes, by the way, I love my new Toyota Sienna minivan. I bought it from Steve Gulla of Clair Toyota, 617-469-8976, and I highly recommend Steve, the dealership, and the car.

Thanks to everyone who suggested a recipient. I doubt that I would have found out about SARA without this Web canvassing. I'm leaving this thread alive in the hopes that other people will step up and either donate funds to SARA (so they can fill my old Caravan with gas!) or donate their car to one of the other organizations that was suggested.

-- Philip Greenspun, February 23, 1998

in watertown, mass., on north beacon street, is perkins school for the blind. the teachers and staff take the kids on field trips etc, so they might be interested in a van.

-- dave pruett, November 4, 1997

How about Rim Country Rotary in Payson, Arizona? We have a 501(C)3 foundation set up for such donations. We administer all donations with zero overhead and zero operating expenses. Almost 100% of every thing that Rotary does benefits children. On a local level we support the recreation program, youth center, special school needs, and provide four $1,000 scholorships every year. We are a group of businessmen that donate our time, energy, and money for the betterment of the children in our community. On a world wide level we have almost eliminated polio. Tens (hundreds?) of millions of children have been vacinated against the virus. All Rotarians work for free - no matter at what level.

If we were to receive your Dodge Grand Caravan we would sell $35,000 worth of raffle tickets and raffle the car. The $35,000 would then go into our tax exempt foundation to be used for scholorships for the bright but needy.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. You are doing a fine thing and will be rewarded many times over.

Steve Bingham 500 W. Sherwood Dr. Payson, AZ 85541 (520)472-8611 (Business)

-- Steve Bingham --, November 4, 1997

I think that you should give the van to Doswell E. Brooks Elem school I do not have the phone number handy but you may contact me on: (301) 735-5176 and I will secure the phone number. The school does not have enough money to pay for field trips this year.

Thank you in advance for your time. By the way, the school is located in Capitol Heights, MD. Thhe phone number starts with: (301).

-- Max Mitchell, November 4, 1997

Well, I don't know the date of the original posting, so this may be late. Regardless, I would suggest giving the van to Team Infinity. Team Infinity is an American Pro Rally Team that has set its eyes on the World Rally Championship. While contributing to an All-American World Rally hopeful would not seem charitable to most americans, roughly 30 million foreigners would have to disagree. World Rally is by far the most popular international sport with the highest number of spectators per year, yet it wallows in obscurity here in America. This travesty is worthy of a charitable contribution, and 30 million people would agree with that.

The van would be used as a Team Infinity Rally Support Vehicle, carrying parts, food, first aid supplies, and other assorted goodies to designated control areas between rally stages. Your van would traverse countrysides throughout Europe, Australia, Africa, and China.

The impact of a purely American entrant in World Rally Competition cannot be determined, but it would be huge. Besides restoring credabilty to America, which most International Rally fans believe has fallen into complete uselessness, it would bring World Rally home to America. Media response to Team Infinity's successes would bring pride to Americans, creating a medium through which family, friends and neighbors would bond in new ways. A beautiful generation of love, and common understanding would blossom...because of your van.

Thanks for your consideration,

Justin Loeber

-- Justin Loeber, November 6, 1997

This may be a little off of what you were planning, but please consider giving the car to my sister, Tracy Martin. She works as a veterinary technician and runs a dog obedience/agility school on evenings and weekends. That means she loves animals, spends every spare dime on helping them and finding homes for them, and makes very little money. And of course, she ends up adopting too many -- including a new kitten picked up off the street just this weekend. You'll never meet a sweeter or more kind-hearted person than my sister, and she could really use a reliable car to get to and from work. Her old truck is breaking down about every six weeks now, and she can't afford a new vehicle anytime soon. Anyway, I just couldn't resist putting in a request for her. (I found your site this morning during a search for travel diaries. So sorry about your dog.)

-- Lisa Prine, November 6, 1997

I propose that you consider donating your van to Caren and Dan Mahar, founders of the Xeroderma Pigmentosum Society for their use to transport their daughter, Katie, who was born with this life-threatining rare genetic disease.

First, I must explain why I suggest the donation (gift) to the family, rather than to the not-for-profit organization they founded to help people (mostly children) throughout the world. You see, all the funds they work so hard to raise are used for the benefit of *all* with XP. They are a family of modest means. Dan is a rural mail carrier and Caren had to stop work in order to care for Katie, who cannot be exposed to any source of ultraviolet radiation (e.g., sunlight). They have three other children, and all their energy, time and, yes, much of their own money goes to support their dream of finding a cure for this dread disease. In the meanwhile, they have two old and unreliable vehicles, neither of which is suitable to transport the family and adequately shield Katie from the sun.

The fact is that you could make a tax-deductible contribution of the van (if you chose) to the XP Society for use to transport the XP patients who come to the special night-camps: Camp Sundown. My concern is that if the van was the property of this 501-c3 corporation, the Mahar's would not consider using it for their personal needs. Thus my unusual request.

My involvement? Dan Mahar delivers my mail. One day, noticing all the computer-related "stuff" I get, he asked if it would be all right if his wife called me to ask advice about the purchase of a computer. Well, one thing led to another and I soon learned of their recently diagnosed daughter and their dream of forming an organization to help others in a similar situation. I helped set up their computer, got them on-line, problished the newsletters and developed and maintain the XP Society Website.

Please visit our site and learn more about the disease and the aims of the XP Society. Thank you for listening.

Best regards,
Pat Mannix, XPS volunteer

-- Patrick Mannix, November 8, 1997

I think you should give your van to Project Hope. This is a shelter for homeless women and children in Dorchester on Magnolia St., and I worked there for two years. The van they have is falling apart and breaking down all the time. They would use your van to pick up boxes of food to stock the food pantry they run, which feeds poor neighborhood people. They also run a licensed day-care center for low-income children, and would use the van to take them on field trips. They also have a GED program for adult women, and a community housing group. When women get housing and leave the shelter, they could use the van to move their few belongings. It truly would be a major gift for the staff and residents of Project Hope.

-- Nina Emily Wright, November 10, 1997

I dont want to sound greedy but I believe your van would be greatlu used here. I have recentlt started a kennel taking in abandon animals lost and hurt helping get them fixed. Spaded or Nutered. I have worked hard getting my quarters fixed properly. But I dont have a way to take them to all to the vet when need shots. I have a car I have been going and picking them up in when someone calls or when I find one. I would greatly donate my car in turn if you donated your van to van to me and my kennel.. It would greatly appreciated and used to your satisfaction. I thank you for your consideration. Helena's Loving Kennels. " No animal will be turned away"

-- Helena A Harbuck, November 10, 1997

My vote goes to Project Hope in Dorchester. They benefits of economic empowerment and self-esteem it will provide will multiply the value many times in the community, and Project Hope seems most vulnerable to subsidy cuts, if it gets any.

The school for the blind, however, has the advantage that it's near Smyly, and you could paint "Smyly tried to steal this van's stereo" just under "School for the Blind." You could get Smyly to donate another Caravan just to keep the sign off.

-- Larry Goldberg, November 10, 1997

You may have a local Habitat For Humanity chapter there. Habitat provides volunteer labor and arranges for at-cost or donated materials for building affordable housing for those who aren't quite as well off as we are. I don't have any direct experience with them, but I like what I've read and seen, and they help folks without it being a handout. (such as requring X hundred hours of labor on their house, and then X hundred hours of labor helping build other Habitat houses).

I'm not sure what they'd do with the Philmobile. The earlier raffle idea sounds pretty cool, or they could use it to cart volunteers or smaller loads of supplies.

-- Mark Dalrymple, November 13, 1997

I think you should sell the car and distribute the money among several charitable causes. I don't say this just because so many people have already written in with good (and heartwarming) ideas, but also because in my experience people often know how to spend a little bit of money more wisely than a lot. Another consideration: receiving even a small gift will encourage someone in their work.

If you do that, I think you should send a few bucks to Michael Hart at Project Gutenberg.

-- Rob Szarka, November 14, 1997

Mr. Greenspun, I am a young father with 5 of the most beautiful children on our planet. They're great kids. They love helping others. They are good at sharing their toys and work real hard at having a good attitude. They havn't got the bed-making/room cleaning thing down yet but I'm sure that will come. They are currently studying the expiditions of Lewis and Clark. They are learning about the customs of the various native tribes encountered along the way as well as the customs of the travelers. They share my passion for travel and the outdoors, so if you find my household worthy of this gift, I am committed to taking them on an adventure to retrace the trail of their fabulous expiditions. I will send pictures. Thank you, Chris

-- Christopher P. Haggerty, November 14, 1997


What a shame that Bill Gates doesn't share your same sence of generosity. The list could well be multiplied expoentially. Even in a town the size of Payson we have hundreds of people that give in a meaningful manner - and hundreds more that are in need.

I read recently that corporate giving is now less than half (% wise) of what it was in the '50s and '60s. A sign of the times? I hope not.


-- Steve Bingham --, November 16, 1997

Angell Memorial.

'Nuff said.

-- Chris Grantham, November 17, 1997

I am a disabled VietNam veteran who is in need of a car. I walk with a cane and the bus system in Phoenix, Arizona is damn near non-existent. I live on a small social security income and have been fighting the VA for the past 14 years for my 100% disability. I promise that once I attain my disability from the VA I would inturn donate the Caravan to another worthy individual. But in the meantime, I really need reliable transportation to get around.

-- Ron Maged, November 17, 1997

I would love the use of your van for Victory Clown Ministry. I would use the van to carry my puppets and others accessories to make people smile. There are not enough smiles in this world. I was a CLOWN on the Gulf Coast for 10 years before moving to Kansas last year. I want to share the love of Jesus with old and young alike.

Victory the Clown

-- Jan Watts, November 18, 1997

You might give it to a program we gave our Acura to this past year. Layton High School Auto Shop Program, at Layton High School in layton, Utah. They have an excellent program to teach auto mechanics to the kids. One which accept donations. One positive of donating to them is that you DO NOT have to fix the vehicle up first as donating to them gives the kids a chance to learn by fixing the vehicle as part of their education. I was very impressed by the shop, their instructors and the program. they have built a natural gas powered race car in the shop. They have restored a number of cars and trucks. The best part is that the kids actually do the work, the teachers don't do it for them. Just one suggestion among many but I believe it is worth consideration.

-- Dan Smith, November 19, 1997

I know of a family in desperate need of transportation. Current situations will not allow them to afford a van and that is what is needed to transport them. Two adults are disabled now, one from an auto accident, and one from a botched surgery. There are 4 children involved under 7 years of age. their household income is under $600 per month. You really ought to hear the whole story before you decide. Just E-mail me for more information.

-- Gary King, November 23, 1997

Phil, my brother and his wife desperately need and cannot afford a larger vechicle for their family. They were blessed with two twin boys in September of 1996 and they also have a 9 year old son. They live in southeastern MA, near the RI border. Due to the birth of twin sons, mom is unable to work at a normal 9 to 5 job - the cost of day care is more than what she would make working. My brother is working 7 days a week now and is going to work on Thanksgiving day this year, just to make ends meet. His job does not provide him with any medical benefits. They do not receive any public assistance. They own an old Chevy Nova and an old pickup truck. Their car and truck are starting to need costly repairs. Repairs that they can not afford. Going anywhere as a family is getting to be very difficult as the twins have grown as has the size of their child safety seats. My brother's wife also has a mother who suffered a severe stroke two years ago. They've had their share of stresses in the last couple of years. But, they're doing all they can to make it on their own, to save their 2 bedroom home, and their family. They're good people, Phil. Hard working, law abiding, tax paying Americans who are trying to raise their 3 sons in the best way that they can. But, it's not easy for someone trying to soley support a family, when they don't had a college degree to pay them the wages that they'd need to make in order to do that successfully. Phil, I know that there are so many good causes that would benefit from your generosity. I also know that you or someone else could bring joy and hope to a family that just needs someone to give them a break in this life. Thank you for your consideration and for being a positive force in the world and may you have a very happy Thankgiving.

-- Dawn Turner, November 23, 1997

I would like to suggest that you donate your Caravan to Jamnastics Inc. Jamnastics is a small, grass-roots organization in Cambridge whose purpose is primary preventative programs for "at-risk" youth in and around Cambridge. We have various dance and gymnastics programs through which we teach children life skills such as confidence and self-esteem. If we had a van donated, we would be able to transport the children more frequently and in greater numbers. Presently, our programs are held in small and inadequate rented spaces. We have opportunities to train in facilities such as the Olympic Gym at MIT, and with a van we could make better use of those opportunities. We are a registered non-profit organization, so any donations are tax deductible. You are welcome to come and observe one of our kids' classes anytime (or come work out with us in our teenage and adult program!) Even if we don't win the van, we would love to hear from you. I can be reached by email, or at the Jamnastics office at (617) 354-5780 or at P.O. Box 391871, Cambridge, MA 02139. Looking forward to hearing from you, Olivia

-- Olivia Jenkins, November 28, 1997

Sprouting Wings is an afterschool gardening and nature exploration program at the South Carolina Botanical Garden in Clemson, SC. We work with at risk youth (grades 3-6) in the area and we have exported the program to a residential treatment facility for kids with severe emotional and behavioral disorders about 100 miles away. One of our biggest expenses is the constant travel @400 miles a week to the residential facility where we pay Clemson University for the use of a van. We believe that by reconnecting kids to nature and exposing them to the pleasures of gardening they can learn to respect the earth, others and themselves. For more information about The South Carolina Botanical Garden and Sprouting Wings (way too much to tell here!) call 864-656-7340. Thanks and keep Sprouting your Wings!

-- Amy Dabbs Craddock, November 30, 1997

This question properly belong to your "Narcissism" section. There is an old English saying about where charity should begin. It's hard to believe that you or your dog don't know any acquaintances who could use some help. E.g.: Lars Eighner who, according to his site, is homeless again.

People without homes, but with homepages! This is postmodern poverty indeed, a foreboding of a brave new world to come. Just like television, internet will become mainly a medium of the poor, providing virtual (i.e., erzats) version of home, education and human contact. Look at pictures of shantytowns in third-world countries: a shack may lack practically everything, but a TV set is almost always there.

-- Alexander Finkelstein, December 6, 1997

I would like for you to give this Van the American Cancer Society, I am a cancer patient, and I feel this could be used to help a lot of people. We need to find a cure, I am luckie in that I have been cancer free for about 4 yrs. You could also give it to Saint Judes Hosptial a cancer hoptial for children.

Who ever you pick THANK-YOU AND GOD BLESS.

-- Rick Stebbens, December 6, 1997

When I began looking for pictures of trees I never expected to find this! There are still very good people in this world and this is an opportunity for one to help the other. A group that is worthy of consideration for a van is Hope For The Homeless Youth which is located in Los Angeles, Ca. Their goal is to get runaways and throw aways off the streets of Hollywood. To prevent them from being sucked into a deadly vaccum. They work with these kids (and adults) year round-day after day after day-earning their trust and respect so that when they decide they want "out"-Hope For The Homeless Youth is there and ready to help them. Hope For The Homeless Youth operates on a next to nothing budget, they have a very modest income. All workers are volunteers. Transportation is always a problem. They have a few small cars and one van-none of which are truly road ready. When kids want to be taken off the street and go stay with Hope For The Homeless or be taken to get a meal, cleaned up...whatever, it is always a problem due to a lack of transportation. The need is huge and vehicles are only a part of it. Any vehicle that goes out fills up very quickly, so a van would prove most useful. Hope For The Homeless Youth is one of many other inner city ministries operating out of the Los Angeles International Church (used to be the Queen of Angels Hospital). What they are doing is amazing. I will be moving there in January to volunteer in a Tutoring Center they are opening to help train anyone who comes in with job skills, reading, GED's, whatever they need to better their lives. I have been ther and see what they go through on a daily basis. The effort put forth by these people-esepcially Clayton Golliher-the director, is astonishing. The LAIC is also known as the Dream Center, a place where dreams can come true and lives can be changed. These people are for real and have plenty of changed lives to prove it. It is unfortunate the lack of help these sorts of places get-everyone wants change but are unwilling to support those who are trying to get the job done! Bless you for your gift, no matter where it goes! Thank you! Here is the beginning of the Dream Center Internet Site and how they can be contacted:

-- Karen Lauer, December 10, 1997

GLIDE MEMORIAL CHURCH, a progressive Methodist Church in San Francisco, has for years provided direct material help to thosands of poor and needy men, women and children and their dogs. They are not part of the "poverty industry" as they are an independent church that has regular services as well as providing education and other services. The van will live a long and useful life providing transportation for men, women and children connected with this vital human development organization. The vehicle would be brought to San Francisco by volunteers.

-- Daniel del Solar, December 17, 1997

I am the director of a non-profit, no-kill animal sanctuary in South Central Texas called Southern Animal Rescue Association or "SARA." We thought of the name because of my 12 year old yellow Lab named Sara. We are a fledgling organization, having only been an official non-profit 501(c)(3)corporation for over a year now, but rescuing animals, namely dogs and cats, has been a life long "calling" for me. If there is such a thing. SARA is located in the middle of my family's property,581 wooded, picturesque acres, abundant with all kinds of wildlife which we struggle to preserve. People are moving out here in droves and clear away any habitat that is so important. All of the animals which come here live out their natural lives even when adoption is not possible. We do try to find permanent, quality homes outside of our sanctuary. As of this morning, we have 125 dogs and 48 cats, as well as some other small animals. I mention "as of this morning," because I haven't been to our gate yet, and often people abandon dogs at our front gate, sometimes with anonymous notes attached pleading for us to give "Lady" or "Brownie" a good home! This is a full-time, all encompassing job for me. I use to be a chef, and then I taught children with autism, but this is truly my passion. We have no employees at this time, but occassionally, we have volunteers, and we're hoping to have community service help soon. We have applied for grants with various foundations, and I am hopeful that we will be awarded grant money, but that is a lenghty process... All I can say as far as your van, is that we do actively rescue animals from the sides of the road, we trap them in parks,and rescue them from abuse and neglect whenever, and however we can. Currently, we only have an old truck with over 150,000 miles on it which makes transport of animals very difficult for us. We have a lot of space and potential; however money is always a concern. We will have a web page up soon, tentatively by the end of January '98: . Thank you for consideration. Sincerely, Tracy Frank

-- Tracy Frank, December 18, 1997

Phil-- Charity begins at home. There are lots of good causes within a kilometer of your home or office; in fact, many are on the bike route from one to the other. There's the Cambridge Food Pantry (next to City Hall). There are all sorts of kids' programs, like the Area IV Community center which serves the most densely populated, poorest, and most drug-ridden part of the city. I don't think the schools could make good use of the van, but you might ask. There are multiple shelters for homeless people which might make good use of the van. Cambridge Hospital (again, just a stone's throw from your house) has lots of valuable programs -- in particular, now that they've merged with Somerville Hospital, they have a shuttle service between the two which may be able to use the van.

I know about most of this because my wife is a social worker and has been involved with the Area IV day care center as well as the psych service of Cambridge hospital.


PS When is someone going to merge the advantages of http-form mail submissions like this one with the advantages of using one's familiar mail service (Eudora or RMail or whatever)? mailto: doesn't quite cut it, since it doesn't provide for a) people without mail agents or b) structured input or c) handy automatic processing; and forms don't cut it because they don't provide for a) tracking of outgoing mail, b) automatic filling in of fields (although there are mechanisms in beta for doing this), c) optional mail-oriented fields (CC), or d) enclosures.

Until that happens, could you mail me back a copy of this mail? Thanks.

-- Stavros Macrakis, December 18, 1997

I have two possibilities. 1. We have a family with seven children who attend our church. They are not poor but are not able to purchase a bigger vehicle either. They own a Ford taurus presently that needed a new transmission recently. They may not be the neediest but they are living close to the edge. 2. The Virginia Beach (VA) SPCA is always struggling. They could use a boost. Thanks

-- Eric N. Dunn, December 18, 1997

Dear Prof.Greenspun, I am an organic rice farmer living in Nagano, Japan. I am also a volunteer therapist helping financially disadvantaged, learning disabled and physically challenged Japanese kids to help themselves. In our town, Mochizuki, we have an association, "Tsukushikai", by which we organize free bi-monthly hippotherapy courses at a local riding school. We also bring kids to our farm to help cultivate rice, care for the chickens and ducks, and play with my dog, Lucky. I am an American citizen, and have the right to import my own personal property from the US to Japan. Your Dodge would help us to expand our transportation capabilities, and get more kids into the program on a regular basis. It'd probably be easier to just take a loan and buy a used van from a dealership near here to use, but I love a challenge...and if we are selected, I will find a way to get your van to Nagano. Thanks in advance for your consideration.

-- Stewart Matthew Hersey, M.A.Ed. --, December 19, 1997

I would love for you to consider giving your minivan to the youth group at our church. I am involved through my children and as a chaperone. The kids are geared up to do some travel for mission purposes with our minister, Peggy, and her 2 dogs, Spunky and Angel. The minivan would be perfect for this small groups travels to area American Indian reservations, soup kitchens, Habitat for Humanity building projects, and to visit other churches to experience multi-cultural Christianity. One church in our conference is 500 miles from here in Winnipeg Manitoba. It is a Phillipino church. We'd love to go there and share culture! To contact the group, you can e-mail me and I will relay the message or you can send mail to Pastor Peggy Harris, First Congregational Church, UCC, 102 West 4th Street, Dickinson, North Dakota, 58601. Thanks! This is a great idea!

-- Janel Kolar, December 29, 1997

College Park Baptist Church in Houston Texas could sure use your van for our Children's Ministry. We have an active ministry. We have a program called AWANA. The majority of children attending are unchurched kids from surrounding apartment complexes. Our buses are in sad shape and we could use the van to transport kids to and from the various events at the church. My husband doesn't want me to give my name out especially since it will be posted. If you consider this plea at all, I will at that time be more than happy to give you any info you need. Thanks for your consideration and for your generous heart!

-- barbara --, December 31, 1997

I am a disability advocate in Ohio and in my advocacy efforts I have met a family who would greatly benefit from your most generous van donation offer. I will describe the family's situation here (without using names for confidentiality reasons...if you need more information before considering this family for the donation, please contact me through private email.)

The family consists of a daughter and her mother. The daughter has been confined in a nursing home for the last 10 yrs and her very devoted mother has been trying, ever since she was forced to place her daughter in the nursing home, to get her out. The daughter has a disability called Cerebral Palsy, but other than financially, there is no reason why she cannot live in the community. Her mother took care of all her daughter's personal care needs (for 33 yrs) until she was forced by very unfortunate circumstances to place her daughter in a nursing home. The mother is very willing to be the primary caregiver for her daughter and to live with her daughter if she can find a way financially to "set up house" for them both and to finance very needed transportation for her daughter.

The daughter uses a large power wheelchair to get around, so the only possible transportation for them is a mini-van or a full-size van. Your donation of your mini-van to this family would be a huge help to freeing the daughter from the nursing home. Her mother is fighting so hard to get her out of the nursing home at this time because her daughter has been abused over and over by the nursing home staff for the entire 10 yrs that she has been in the nursing home.

I'm not sure if this is a situation that you would consider, but I can assure you that if you do donate your van to this family, you will be making a huge difference in the lives of 2 people and you might even be saving the life of the daughter I have been discussing.

Thank you for your consideration of this request and please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. Neither the mother nor the daughter have internet access, but I can put you in touch with them personally if this would help in your decision.

-- Tracy Mankins, January 5, 1998

I think you should give the minivan to the Carlsbad Boys and Girls club in Carlsbad, California. Their number is 760-944-9211.

Reason? Well, of course, they could use it. But my ex-girlfriend is the director at the club, and I would like to remove the the prefix.

Your help would be greatly appreciated, and if any butt pucker helps, I just finished "Database Backed Web Sites" and it was an excellent read.

Many thanks.

-- Kevin Klein, January 6, 1998

Perhaps another good option is to actually auction off the van and donate the cash to the SPCA. Or one of the research centres doing research on diseases associated with large dogs (I see you have a big dog).

Deborah Reid

-- Deborah Reid, January 13, 1998

I'm a greedy, self-obsessed bastard who presently drives an old 4-banger Beretta. Bigger, better, faster -- that Caravan certainly has more balls to it than my larger-than-average econobox. What say, Phil?

-- Adolf Osborne, January 19, 1998

I don't need your van, but please be sure and let us know who got it. Your website is very interesting. I enjoyed reading it.

-- Margie Petrick, January 22, 1998

My suggestion is:

Sell your Dodge and give the money to either WWF or Greenpeace. There are certainly many other good causes you could donate your car to, but remember this: We are destoying the environment quickly. If we continue in this rate, there will propably not be any other good causes to donate money to in a few years.

-- Daniel Lofgren, February 2, 1998

Please consider donating your Caravan to the Shriner's Hospitals for Crippled and Burned Children. The vehicle would be put to very good use transporting children and family to/from the facilities.

The Shriner's Hospitals admit and treat children (under 18 years of age) if the family can't afford other medical care. Affiliation with the Shriners is NOT a requirement.

Shriner's Hospitals do NOT receive state or federal funds. Further, the care provided is at NO COST to the child and family. The Shriner's Hospitals do not even have a billing department.

All this for the past 70 years.

-- Cliff Tomplait, February 3, 1998

Hi Phil! The date today is February 8,1996. When are you going to let us know what organization,charity, or person(s) received the van? I spent quite a while reading all of the responses and am now very anxious to know the results. Hope to learn something soon! Shannon

-- Shannon Ingram, February 8, 1998

Maybe you could give the car to your old mate Bill, he needs all the charity he can get.

-- Russell Jorgensen, February 16, 1998

Philip, This is one of the most wonderful and special pages I have ever seen on the net...your generosity is overwhelming!!!! I have no response for your question, just a statement..."YOU ARE A SPECIAL PERSON!!!!" Whatever you choose will be right...only you will know that! I am in AWE!!!! *goosebumps* God bless you for your kindness! Anita Please come and say hello...I would be honoured!!!!

-- Anita Thompson, February 22, 1998

I sent an email message to Phil about a month ago, suggesting that he donate the mini-van to PAWS in Los Angeles, CA. He replied explaining that he had already given it away. But, asked me to post this message anyway so that others may know about this organization and my experiences. Pets Are A Wonderful Support (PAWS) in L.A. helps people who are HIV positive and those with AIDS, and anyone else who is in a bad situation and need help with their animals. I learned of them when my dog was shot and killed by the L.A. County Sheriff's Department, please take a moment and read my story, as it can happen to you, too.

Thank you, Jennifer

-- Jennifer Kollert, March 2, 1998

The best use of the car would be to get in it, drive to the big three auto manufacturers, tell them what you are doing, and hint to them about the great press they will recieve if they participate with you. Giving it away to a single charity may be helpful, but if you want to make a difference (as apparently you do) use that one car to inspire Corporate america to make a difference. Try emailing the story to the news organizations and see if someone will carry your idea on national tv. May sound stupid, but the more exposure you get, the more likely you will be able to make a significant difference.

Regardless of what you decide to do, its a great idea.

best wishes.

Altaf Shaikh

-- Altaf Shaikh, March 12, 1998


-- Shaquanna Unique Allen, April 29, 1999

Way too late I know, but there were two things which amazed me about this thread and prompted this response:

1. The generosity of the author.

2. The number of people who felt that they personally were sufficiently in need as to warrant a handout from that author.

Have these people never heard the phrase "there is always someone worse off than yourself"?

I guess it doesn't matter who or where you are, there will always be people trying to take advantage of such gestures as these.

-- Chris Talbot, August 11, 1999

Okay, so maybe not _that_ many, but the "college student" kinda got to me. Not that there's anything wrong with trying to get yourself an education...

-- Chris Talbot, August 11, 1999

Dear Sir, I am a child care provider, I am writing on behalf of one of my parent. She is a Mother of three a seven,five and 2 year old and divorced. The ex is not gainfuly employed, so there is no support. She recieved state assistance to get her started. She has worked so hard to get of of the aid and stand on her two feet. Last summer on my birthday (that is why I rember the date) I recieved a phone call from her she was crying and scared. Her little baby girl had a seizure. I went to the emergency room, the doctors had no answers. This started a long line of medical bills and trips to specilist. Her youngest daughter had many unexplainable seizures. Finally in December a doctor at the childrens hospital put her on some medication and the seizures have not been back, so far. She has a pretty good job at a plant her locally and they were patient with her missing work. She didn't lose her job but income wasn't coming in either. You would think that this would be the worst right? She just gets back to work hoping to pay off the bills that had overcome her she was injured at work. She has been in and out of doctors and specilists herself. They finally sent her to have surgery ( which should have been done first but you have to jump through hoops)Which has caused her to be off since april and during harvest. They say she should be able to return in about 4-6 more weeks. Workmans comp is paying the portion of her wage however, not enough to keep the bills paid. Plus harvest is a time when overtime is accepted and taken by many to pay bill and get ready for christmas and winter. This has put her in a bind in trying to provide a dependable vehicle so that she can get to and from work, doctors and childcare. I have on many occassions went and picked her and the kids up. She is the nicest person who never asks for anything. She is a good mom and always works hard. She has had some very tough times and it would be a wonderful thing if she could get a break. I hope you will consider this request to give the van to this mom. For not only would this help her but it would also be a safe vehicle for her children. Thank you for your time. CSHAF

-- cara shafer, September 16, 2000

In response to Cara:

I'm sorry to say that you are too late...Philip gave away his van back in 1993 to Angell Memorial Animal Hospital.

Best regards,

-- Simon Carstensen, September 17, 2000

This is Philip's sister, who was touched by some of the stories, especially of the hard-working families in dire need of transportation. About five years ago, a story appeared in Washington, D.C. about a couple having trouble making ends meet, working three or four jobs to support their two pre-schoolers. The husband was a salesman for my local Radio Shak and the wife answered phones nights at a Rockville, Maryland hotel (in order to minimize the child-care expenses, they worked different shifts) plus other assorted minimum-wage type jobs.

My own children at the time were about the same ages as this couple's. They had a Ford Escort with no air-conditioning; I, by contrast, drove a Ford Taurus GL wagon and soon afterward would buy a Volvo wagon. Anyway, based on the magazine piece portraying the financial difficulties for adults who hadn't finished college, I attempted to start a fund at the Ford dealership from whom we had both purchased our cars. It fizzled completely, except for my own initial $100.00 contribution.

I am touched by Philip's philanthropy back in 1998 and wonder whether some of the other stories inspired other giving.

-- suzanne goode, September 25, 2000

I was writing to say that I think that I would be able to get a lot of use from your van. I am a father of four boys. We have a car that only has 5 seat belts. We are a family of six and I am currently laid off of work and we can't afford to buy anything bigger. If we go anywhere we always have to have one kid out of a seat belt and that is not the way it should be. I feel it would be safer if we had something to fit all of our kids into with a little extra space for groceries and clothing when we go on trips. The kids are always cramped and they always fight because one is squishing the other. Please respond. Thanks for taking the time to consider my response.

-- Bobby Gossman, November 3, 2000

I am a single mother of 2 boys. I live in a small town and have been looking for steady full-time employment for almost 2 years, but without anyluck. I have been working part-time at a Drug and Alcohol Recovery office, but recently was cut back to 9 hours/week. I had been living next to my grandparents in a small one bedroom appartment up until my grandmother had a stroke 2 months ago and now needs the space for nursing care. Last summer I had saved up enough money to buy a used car, only to have it stolen 4 days later. It was returned, but not running and has sat that way for 15 months because I cant afford to fix it. I could use a newer vehicle, but cant afford one right now, and it's hard to look for work or get to work with out transportation. A minivan would also be great to help me with my grandmother, so that I could help her get to her therapy and doctor appointments. She has a hard time getting into small cars and cant afford for a Medi-Cab to take her back and forth all the time. It would also be great to have a reliable vehicle to be able to drive my kids across state to see my parents during the holidays. I would like to go back to school, but cant commute to the nearest Community College which is 35-40 miles away (one-way). I want to better myself for my kids, but just don't have the means to, yet.

-- Vanessa Millus, November 9, 2000

Dear Philip, I know that you are looking for some wonderfully worth wild organization to give this auto to, but I know someone that could really use it. See, last week while my friends car was parked outside his home, someone wrecked into it and drove off. Now they are left with only a Camaro and have to find some way to haul around thier 4 kids and a dog. I believe that they would get tons of use out of it. His name is Greg and if this sounds like something you would like to do email me and I will give you the rest of his information. Thank you once again. Jonathan

-- Jonathan Javorsky, November 10, 2000

To Whom it may concern- It would be a mircale wish fir a very special lady. Her name is Sadie Gill she is an 87 year old woman who has been married to her husband for 60 years on december 24. She has give birth to five childern all boys. One of the sons has passed on. Sadie is a very spitrual,loveing,and giveing woman. She is always doing something to help some one out. Yet she never asks for anything in return. She is always taking someone somewhere. She drives a white beat up Station Wagon that is at least 20 years old and barely goes down the road. The car was given to her by her son five or six years ago. Sadie has one wish that is to have a new car. This is why I feel this very special lady should get the Caravan. signed Joyce Schlosser

-- joyce schlosser, November 26, 2000

Not that I am being selfish at all but I have been praying to God for a van and it doesn't matter if it was something that cost 400.00 I still would be grateful, seeing that a lot of kids need to get to church and to the doctor in my aera of resident and also not in my resident, I love kids and am on a mision from God, in working in the ministry to help kids because they need a voice in this world, I'm sorry if this was to long but I spoke from the heart.

-- Michelle Brooks, November 26, 2000

Too Bad you've given it away already. I was going to suggest you rip out the seats, paint flowers all over it, and take it to the next Woodstock.

-- Janine Naimoli, December 19, 2000

www.charitycars.ORG Charity Cars is considered to have pioneered the concept of refurbishing donated vehicles and providibg them free to struggling families. National in scope, Charity Cars has been featured on OPrah, ABC, CBS and in People Magazine!Charity CARS IS THE ONLY 501 C 3 NATIONAL NON-PROFIT THAT Provides the vehicle, license plates, insurance down payment and warranty, all at no charge. You would be changing the lives of a strugglng family and receive a tax deduction as well. In any case, you are wonderful!!

-- brian menzies, December 30, 2000

My name is matt, and I'm a 16 year old high school student. My parents recently got divorced, and I ended up with my dad. The only problem with that is that my mom took all the money, and we cannot afford to buy anything. I know you would prefer to donate the van to charity, but if we had this van, we could start traveling together, and do the things we used to do. Although not for a charity, or organization, I deeply hope you consider my answer. Than

-- Matt Seppanen, May 27, 2002

If this van is still around, I would suggest driving it to a deserted road and dousing it with gasoline and setting it on fire. It will save someone a lot of misery from all the countless repairs. I know because I have the same van for last seven years.

-- Steve Early, July 12, 2002

My name is katina mcgee i have four kids and i a drunk for a husband but going threw a divorce. I have no car to take my kids to the doctor,and other places. Two of my children have to take medicane evey day! I have not A peeny to my name I have lived with my parents ethe hole time I was married with my four children. Never had my own place my mom and dad are getting old they can't keep taking me and my kids were I need to go. My mom is 79 and my dad 77 and I am not but 26.I have never got no help from nobdy but the salvation Army for my kids christmas last year. I can't find A job with out A car. I am in tears begging you please choose me. My kids would be so happy.The age of my children are 11,boy 08,boy 06,boy 05,girl! I would give my right arm are leg if some one donated me a car are anything!I am so poor that I cry when my kids wants somthing but have no money to get it! My name is Katina McGee 1083 Wiley Rd. Caledonia,MS 39740 phone is (662)356-4482 or(662)327-9844 I would kiss your feet if you fufill my dreams! Two of my kids have ADHA and is susposed to go to the doctor regeraly! Thank You Katina McGee with all my heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!My kids names are Donnie Jr.,Alex,Cory,Hannah.

-- Katina McGee, July 30, 2002

Dear Philip I understand that you want to give your auto to a charity. Our church is in need to transportation for our youth and senior. We are small in number, but large in heart. If we had the opportunity to received your auto this will be a blesses. We will be able to tranport those who want to worship and plus assist in our HIV and Homeless program. We would bless with a Pastor who is involed in the commnuity project. Many are in need of assistance. But with this tranportation we will be able to full fill our responsiblity. May God bless you.

Christian Baptist Church, Baltimore, Maryland 4303 Park Height Avenue Baltimore, Maryland 21215

-- Richard Grimes, September 3, 2002

to jacqueline a lee because i take care of my mother, and mother martha tobin has had stroke and she use,s a well chair, and a walker she also has a hospital bed, i have to take her to all her apointment,s by cab. and my brother i have to take him to see his mental help provider, becuse i don,t have a car, when i need to go anywhere i have to pay for a cab , i have no family member,s that will give me or our mother a helping hand and they all have car,s i really need this car so that i can do the thing,s i need to without worrriny if iam going to have enough money to handle everything that need,s to be done for my mother and brother. i dont make enough monet to even think about buying a car i only make minium wage. soi can not aford one. and that,s why i applyed for your van.Mr PHILP GRENSPUNS your,s truely MS jacqueline a lee thank you.

-- jacqueline lee, October 11, 2002

1. Contexts of economy

"Class is intrinsically a legal fiction," says Derrida. The characteristic theme of Hamburger's[1] analysis of postconceptualist desituationism is not narrative, as Sontag would have it, but prenarrative. Thus, an abundance of constructions concerning capitalist neodialectic theory may be revealed.

In the works of Joyce, a predominant concept is the concept of semiotic art. Lyotard's model of nationalism suggests that consciousness is part of the genre of narrativity, but only if the premise of postconceptualist desituationism is valid; otherwise, we can assume that reality may be used to reinforce sexism. Therefore, the subject is interpolated into a capitalist neodialectic theory that includes consciousness as a whole.

If one examines postconceptualist desituationism, one is faced with a choice: either accept the neocapitalist paradigm of expression or conclude that the raison d'etre of the participant is social comment, given that culture is equal to art. The main theme of the works of Joyce is the difference between society and sexual identity. Thus, a number of discourses concerning not desublimation, but postdesublimation exist.

"Class is fundamentally responsible for class divisions," says Lacan. Bailey[2] implies that we have to choose between nationalism and dialectic appropriation. However, the subject is contextualised into a capitalist neodialectic theory that includes language as a paradox.

If postconceptualist desituationism holds, the works of Joyce are modernistic. It could be said that many theories concerning precultural textual theory may be discovered.

Lyotard uses the term 'postconceptualist desituationism' to denote the failure of neodialectic art. However, the opening/closing distinction prevalent in Joyce's A Portrait of the Artist As a Young Man emerges again in Dubliners. D'Erlette[3] suggests that we have to choose between deconstructivist sublimation and Sartreist absurdity. In a sense, Derrida promotes the use of postconceptualist desituationism to deconstruct and modify society.

The subject is interpolated into a subsemantic desituationism that includes sexuality as a whole. Thus, several narratives concerning not sublimation as such, but postsublimation exist.

The subject is contextualised into a postconceptualist desituationism that includes consciousness as a paradox. It could be said that Sartre's essay on capitalist neodialectic theory implies that sexual identity has intrinsic meaning.

Sontag uses the term 'postconceptualist desituationism' to denote the common ground between class and sexual identity. In a sense, the characteristic theme of Pickett's[4] critique of capitalist neodialectic theory is the role of the reader as writer. 2. Postconceptualist desituationism and capitalist discourse

The primary theme of the works of Madonna is the difference between reality and society. The premise of pretextual socialism holds that the State is part of the failure of consciousness. It could be said that the subject is interpolated into a capitalist neodialectic theory that includes culture as a whole.

"Sexual identity is intrinsically used in the service of hierarchy," says Bataille. An abundance of depatriarchialisms concerning nationalism may be found. However, the characteristic theme of Buxton's[5] analysis of capitalist neodialectic theory is the role of the reader as artist.

Nationalism suggests that class, perhaps ironically, has significance. Thus, if the cultural paradigm of consensus holds, we have to choose between nationalism and Marxist capitalism.

In Material Girl, Madonna affirms postsemiotic libertarianism; in Sex, however, she denies capitalist neodialectic theory. But the primary theme of the works of Madonna is the bridge between society and consciousness.

Many discourses concerning the role of the writer as observer exist. In a sense, Drucker[6] states that the works of Madonna are empowering. 3. Expressions of fatal flaw

The characteristic theme of Dietrich's[7] essay on neodialectic objectivism is the difference between society and class. The main theme of the works of Madonna is the rubicon, and eventually the failure, of modernist sexual identity. Thus, the subject is contextualised into a capitalist neodialectic theory that includes reality as a reality.

"Society is impossible," says Baudrillard. Bataille suggests the use of nationalism to challenge the status quo. But the primary theme of Geoffrey's[8] analysis of capitalist neodialectic theory is the role of the poet as reader.

Derrida promotes the use of capitalist discourse to deconstruct sexual identity. It could be said that a number of discourses concerning capitalist neodialectic theory may be revealed.

Marx uses the term 'capitalist discourse' to denote the common ground between class and culture. However, the subject is interpolated into a nationalism that includes consciousness as a totality. The premise of capitalist neodialectic theory implies that the task of the artist is significant form, given that Lacan's model of nationalism is invalid. But the subject is contextualised into a capitalist discourse that includes culture as a reality.

Any number of patriarchialisms concerning not, in fact, dematerialism, but subdematerialism exist. However, the example of neosemantic appropriation intrinsic to Pynchon's Gravity's Rainbow is also evident in Vineland, although in a more mythopoetical sense. 4. Nationalism and the dialectic paradigm of consensus

"Class is fundamentally responsible for sexism," says Marx; however, according to Hanfkopf[9] , it is not so much class that is fundamentally responsible for sexism, but rather the absurdity, and some would say the genre, of class. Debord suggests the use of prestructuralist theory to challenge the status quo. But the premise of the dialectic paradigm of consensus suggests that society has intrinsic meaning.

The characteristic theme of the works of Pynchon is the bridge between sexual identity and class. It could be said that Sartre promotes the use of nationalism to modify and deconstruct sexual identity.

Derrida's essay on cultural desituationism states that the purpose of the observer is social comment. But Marx uses the term 'nationalism' to denote a neoconstructive whole. 5. Expressions of economy

In the works of Pynchon, a predominant concept is the distinction between destruction and creation. Foucault suggests the use of capitalist neodialectic theory to challenge sexism. Therefore, Baudrillard uses the term 'nationalism' to denote the role of the participant as observer.

If one examines capitalist neodialectic theory, one is faced with a choice: either reject nationalism or conclude that class, somewhat paradoxically, has objective value. If capitalist neodialectic theory holds, the works of Pynchon are postmodern. However, Humphrey[10] holds that we have to choose between the dialectic paradigm of consensus and dialectic discourse.

In Finnegan's Wake, Joyce affirms capitalist neodialectic theory; in A Portrait of the Artist As a Young Man, although, he examines postcapitalist nationalism. Thus, the premise of capitalist neodialectic theory suggests that consciousness is used to exploit the underprivileged, but only if language is interchangeable with sexuality; if that is not the case, truth is capable of significance.

If the dialectic paradigm of consensus holds, we have to choose between capitalist neodialectic theory and structural theory. But the subject is interpolated into a dialectic paradigm of consensus that includes art as a totality.

Derrida promotes the use of capitalist neodialectic theory to modify consciousness. It could be said that Geoffrey[11] holds that the works of Joyce are an example of self-sufficient feminism. 6. The dialectic paradigm of consensus and patriarchial narrative

"Sexual identity is part of the absurdity of culture," says Debord. Nationalism states that the significance of the participant is deconstruction. But the subject is contextualised into a patriarchial narrative that includes reality as a reality.

The primary theme of Tilton's[12] critique of capitalist neodialectic theory is not discourse, but postdiscourse. Foucault uses the term 'dialectic premodern theory' to denote the role of the observer as artist. In a sense, the subject is interpolated into a nationalism that includes art as a paradox.

"Class is dead," says Lyotard. If capitalist neodialectic theory holds, we have to choose between nationalism and Lacanist obscurity. It could be said that the subject is contextualised into a textual postdialectic theory that includes truth as a whole.

"Sexual identity is intrinsically used in the service of the status quo," says Sartre; however, according to Prinn[13] , it is not so much sexual identity that is intrinsically used in the service of the status quo, but rather the dialectic, and eventually the failure, of sexual identity. Hamburger[14] suggests that we have to choose between nationalism and the capitalist paradigm of expression. But Marx uses the term 'patriarchial narrative' to denote not narrative, but subnarrative.

The characteristic theme of the works of Madonna is the economy of predialectic sexual identity. The subject is interpolated into a capitalist neodialectic theory that includes narrativity as a paradox. Thus, many discourses concerning nationalism may be discovered.

If one examines structural postcapitalist theory, one is faced with a choice: either accept capitalist neodialectic theory or conclude that the law is capable of social comment. Bataille suggests the use of material desublimation to deconstruct class divisions. Therefore, the main theme of Cameron's[15] model of nationalism is a subcultural whole.

Marx's critique of patriarchial narrative holds that the purpose of the participant is deconstruction, but only if the premise of the patriarchialist paradigm of consensus is valid. In a sense, if patriarchial narrative holds, we have to choose between capitalist neodialectic theory and Baudrillardist simulacra.

Patriarchial narrative suggests that language is part of the dialectic of narrativity. It could be said that Reicher[16] implies that we have to choose between the premodern paradigm of expression and Sartreist existentialism.

Marx promotes the use of nationalism to read and challenge society. Therefore, if patriarchial narrative holds, we have to choose between textual subsemiotic theory and the textual paradigm of context.

The primary theme of the works of Stone is the paradigm, and subsequent rubicon, of predialectic truth. But la Fournier[17] suggests that we have to choose between patriarchial narrative and material theory.

The main theme of Werther's[18] model of capitalist neodialectic theory is the role of the artist as writer. Thus, Foucault suggests the use of neocultural discourse to deconstruct outdated perceptions of class.

The paradigm, and therefore the economy, of patriarchial narrative which is a central theme of Gaiman's Death: The High Cost of Living emerges again in The Books of Magic. But the primary theme of the works of Gaiman is the common ground between art and class.

The subject is contextualised into a textual subdialectic theory that includes consciousness as a paradox. Thus, several situationisms concerning not desublimation per se, but neodesublimation exist.

-- Greg Nubba, October 11, 2002

Dearest Philip,

I don't even know where to begin. I feel my son has had a tough 27 years. He has never had a descent car that didn't brake down non-stop. He stays the night at my house so he can ride to work with his father. It all started when he got married and had my beautiful grand daughter. Everything pretty much was coming up roses. But they didn't have the most important thing in there life our Lord and Savior. They lived in Washington State never making ends meet. Always having to ask for help just to get by. They decided to move to Arizona where they felt they could make a new start of it. It really started to change for them, until they got hooked on the most aweful drug which is called glass. His father and I were blind to it. I kept saying this is not my son. But still it was way over my head. The end of December 2001 my son confessed to me that he was hooked on drugs and he couldn't function with out them. I was needless to say heart broken. He was asking for help. My husband got on the phone and told my son that he wasn't going to let me help them anymore after today. He said your Mom and I have enabled you long enough. I wash my hands of you until you are ready to try to get clean. Don't call if you need a ride, your car worked on, food, money, etc etc....We cried so hard after that phone call my world was I felt like falling apart. We found out they were getting kicked out of there home. So I got a hold of my son and asked him if I could take my grand baby away from all of this. She certainly did not need to see any of the goings on. They put what they hadn't sold for pennies on the dollar for more drugs in storage. They went and stayed with a great Aunt. The only problem was there was a lot of drug addicts there with all accesses to the drug. She told my son she never loved him. He was trying to get her out of that house but she wouldn't go. Even with all the low blows he still wanted to salvage there marriage. He kept thinking once they got off drugs they would both be there selves again. One day my husband and I got home and my son was sitting out in the heat for like 3 hrs. Waiting for us to get home. This was his way of saying I quit drugs. It was a very tough road. I let him sleep non stop and fed him when he woke. After a week of sleep I told him this is thurs. right? He said yes, I said you have Thurs.,Fri.,Sat.,& Sun., When Monday gets here you are going out to get a job. That is just what he started doing. He did a complete 360. He was reading to his daughter at night, it was beautiful. Still in love with his wife trying to talk her back and out of the drug world. But to no avail. He stayed so broken for so long. He felt his value was all wrapped around her and he had nothing with out her. I tried to get him to pray. But he said we would never see eye to eye when it comes to God. Because he doesn't believe. That truly hurt more than words could ever say. I always would tell him you have tried everything else try God. I think he needs to see the light at the end of the tunnel. He called his parent in laws in Wash. State to let them know the truth. They came down to rescue there daughter and put her in a drug rehab. if she would go. They asked to see my grand baby just like all the times before. My son and I put her in her prettiest suit,bathed,hair fixed 3 times just to let her go being as beautiful as possible. That was on a Friday. Sunday my son was suppose to pick her back up. His wife met with the parents and really conned them into believing a whole mess of lies and gave her permission for them to take her. Before we knew it she was gone. Basically stolen right out of our hands. They told her she was going on a vacation so she was fine with it. Until she found out the truth. She has done a lot of crying in her little 5-6 year life. She started having night mares which were obviously caused by the separation of her parents. Or should I say she felt abandoned. They thought they were doing the right thing. My son literly drove her over to there hotel. We called the police and everything. It was the biggest heart ache of my life, my husband, and my Son's. See she was always willing to ship her daughter off anywhere all the time just to get her out of her hair. My son was the stay at home Dad. He did all what a Mother would do. Which is what his wife wanted. His parents inlaw said my son could come and get her at anytime. So he had a job got a house a few blocks from us and got airplane tickets. He got to Wash. in the evening and by morning knock knock on the door. It was a restraining order for him and any of his family, friends, or associates. Could not come near there premises or call, write, etc....He called us crying like a new born baby. He had to come home with out his daughter. Now there is a house that sits empty waiting for a special little girl to come home, to her first house that she has ever had. Always apartments, or runned down trailers. Never a home on a street with a back yard to play in. Close to schools. They are getting a divorce this is what she wants. She hasn't got clean and has done everything just short of prostitution. She told my son his cousin was her boy friend like a week after he got to my house. One more thing to tear him down. Which that boy is hooked on the needle for probably atleast 10 or more years. Hopefully she didn't go that route. I have still prayed for them. My son went to court on the 19th of Oct. They both have to take drug tests for 16 weeks randomly, if they no show automatic positive. She told the judge she was in no way shape or form to raise her daughter. That she was moving to California with a childhood friend. They smeared our names even my husband and I. After all we have done for them all these years. My son just turned the other cheek. He never stooped to slinging mud. He just told the judge he wanted his baby back and that is all he wants. He has a house, a job for over 6 months, never misses a day, but still needs a vehicle to get to work and pick his daughter up when when she finaly gets to come home. I don't think anyone has or can do such a deed as this. To prove there is still hope in this world. I am trying to be a testimonial for my son. I told him although we don't see eye to eye, I will never stop praying for you. He said yes Mom I know. I attend Phoenix First Assembly one of the finest Churches I have ever been to. With the greatest pastors ever. Not to mention the staff. Every single part of it still amazes me. I am praying for the day my son, husband, and grand baby can all be there together with me. I would love your prayers also. I know this is not a charity, a raffle, or a write off....But it is way more for this little family that never had much. God Bless You In Your Decision Making. Please Forgive all the misspells. Sincerely Mrs. Hall

-- Coreen Hall, October 19, 2002

Mr. Greenspun, This seems rather a personal issue that to me would be better solved in something other than this screen of text. Please call me, 812-949-8099 Ray Walker

-- Ray Walker, January 1, 2003

I am a left leg amputee at the hip, married with 3 children. I lost my leg in a trucking accident in 1989. My wife and I are both students at Spokane Falls Community College. 2 years ago I was homeless with a drug problem and have now put my life back together and re-gained the custody of my children. Prior I was the president of the coalition of responsible disabled, a board member of Governor Lowery's independent living council, I was the first amputee to climb South Early Winter Spire in the Cascade, and the second to climb Mt. Rainie, and Mt Baker without crutches. Two years ago I ran my first tri-athelon and did not get last, I have run several long distance races on my crutches and used to play for the American Internation Soccer Team. After losing my leg I worked as a claims appraiser for SAFECO for 9 years, and now my body is falling apart. We have one car that is falling apart, and I am now on Social Security Disability trying to learn a different trade at school. I am 36 years old, and would feel blesses if you would give your vehicle to my family. -Jerry Littlemore

-- Jerry Littlemore, January 4, 2003

Hello I know you don't know me form Adam or Eve, but I'm also not an organization either. But truthfully I would make you a promise form the bottom of my heart that the minivan would be of good use to me. Lets start out here I am a mother of 3 kids, I live out in Kerman,Ca., I am currently living under someone elses roof for the reason is I have no earnings, due to the matter of not having transportaion to get to work and back home, and never the less the kid to a babysitter if need be. I do/did have a husband but I am trying to get out of the bad situation with him also.. Now I don't want no sympathy thrown my way nor do I want a hand out, alls I'm asking for is someone to lend me a hand up so I, myself can promise my kids that they do and will have a brighter tomarrow and forever. Signed Looking forward Kristine Gilbreth

-- kristinemarie gilbreth, April 4, 2003

I know the Dodge found a good home but I am righting in hopes that someone else donating a van might read this. My name is Michelle I am a volunteer for Cross Roads. We have an after school program in south Phoenix for inner city kids. This children are so bueatiful and just need Jesus and a little bit of hope. Working with them has change my life and inspired me. We have so much more we would like to do with them but our resources are so limited being that we are a non-profit orginzation. More than anything we need a van to get them to church and other activies. We have been praying for one for quiet some time if God puts us on your heart you can contact Steve @ (602) 254-1272 or me Michelle @ (602) 299-9348. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. We could really use any type of donations and if you can not give physicaly please remeber us in your prayers! God Bless

-- Michelle Campuzano, June 19, 2003

I am a single mother of three children. A four-year old, a three-year old and a six-month old baby.I reside in a shelter. Currently working part-time and attending school. Recently saved money for a van and bought it. One week later it broke down. Come to find out it has no warranty. Repair is over a thousand dollars. Which I dont have because I am saving for an aparment. My only transportation now is the metro bus. If you that there is any way you can assist me please feel free to contact me. Thank you for youre time and consideration. May GOD BLESS YOU.

-- milagros rico, October 12, 2003

Response to To whom it may concern

I am a single mother of three children. A four-year old, a three-year old and a six-month old baby.I reside in a shelter. Currently working part-time and attending school. Recently saved money for a van and bought it. One week later it broke down. Come to find out it has no warranty. Repair is over a thousand dollars. Which I dont have because I am saving for an aparment. My only transportation now is the metro bus. If you that there is any way you can assist me please feel free to contact me. Thank you for youre time and consideration. May GOD BLESS YOU.

-- milagros rico, October 12, 2003

Hello. I am a singe mother of two children one 3 years old and the other one is 7 months. I just moved recently with my children from another city because there father commited a violent crime and I didn't want my children around a person that is commiting violent crimes against women. I don't know any one in the area and I don't have any famliy. The only family that I had was my grandmother and she past away from lung cancer in august 2003. With combination of my grandmothers death and my childrens father's I didn't have a choice I had to leave because we where staying with my grandmother taking care of her. I have no income currrently and vehicile would really make our lives something, I could get so much done like go to community college and get a job. If I received this vehicile I would be very grateful and it would change my life and give my family a new start. thank you for for time. tisha

-- tisha burks, December 17, 2003

I am a single mother of 2 and 3 year old boys. I am supporting my kids on very low income. We have no extra money after all the things are bought that we need each month. I am unable to find a job because of no vehicle. The buses don't go where the places that are hiring are located. Most of the time we have no way to get to the doctor and so appointments have been canceled. My family lives in a different city and I haven't seen them in 3 years. I would really appreciate any help that someone could give me to get a vehicle. I don't know many people in Mobile and the ones I do know won't help me. Thank you for taking the time to read this and also for considering me as a possible person to recieve your van.

-- Sharon Renee Roy, January 2, 2004


I am pastor of a small church in Lillian,Texas. Due to the high rollover rate of 15 passenger vans, our insurance continued to go up. We soon had no choice but to sell them. However, in doing so, we are no longer able to pick up some children who desperately need to go to church. A minivan would meet the safety requirments of the insurance company and allow us to continue our ministry to this children.

Anyone who reads this, please call 817 790 5757 for Rick Hope.

-- Rick Hope, February 1, 2004

Dear Mr Greenspun

1-Because it's a top notch charity and why should my dumptruck carry the load. 2-Well my daughter martha dumptruck, shes had a cunt of a life. She's got 37 kids none to the same all to no good cheating fuckers except the local parishoners. They are top notch. Even dont make me woff them after they get chockrs up my emergency hole. 3- well since i travel so much to get my cysts lanced, my kids dont like me walking to the cysts clinic in my moo moo. My current moo moo has been constructed out of used sanitary pads and quite frankly the rats moved out long ago. Oh yeah fuck ive dont it hard chops. 4- just follow the trail of loose scabs and loose arse particles as my heamers as they are given me the treamours. get it cunt it rhymes 5- ps - ballsweathairyballfuckerarsemunchingcuntmite sorry i should have explained i have a nasty case of unchecked turretts which manifests in the nasty keyboard manner. oh mr im so special but the brakes are fucked tighward dickfuck.

pps cuntface give me the car i will name it the cystmobile.

ppps love martha dumptruck

pppps wanna get it together i can really wriggle my arse and i taught a jolo about seductive arse wiggling, im nosure but better bring a bucket, paperbag and industrial lube you saucy devil.

-- richard wilkins, December 31, 2004

Dear Mr. Greenspan,

This might seem the most selfish response given the volume of charitable causes responding. But I believe this too is a worthy cause and in the long run, perhaps one of the worthiest. Please read the whole thing. We are a rock band. We are called "The Nerve!". We need a van to tour. We are unique in that we are completely sober, clean and straight. We are not partiers. We are serious musicians. The van will not be used to support a group of druggies/drunks. We are a band with a positive, hopeful, loving message fighting an uphill battle against the forces of mainstream music with it's barrage of negativity, violence and misogyny. We write and perform songs about love, brotherhood, peace, the dangers of drugs, the dangers of watching too much television, the perils of homelessness, etc. Our songs are about self empowerment and helping others. We do it in a fun, infectious style. Kids ages 13-18 have become very receptive to our music and we have started building a large, loyal following here in NY. We are growing so that we have gained the attention of the record company Heyday Records who believe in our message and have signed us and put our record out ( Now we need to tour in order to reach kids across the country. While Heyday is a great record company, and are doing a great job putting the record out, they are small and we are on our own to tour. All we have is a little, broken down Honda. The car barely makes it any further than New Jersey. Besides that, it cannot fit all of our instruments. We believe this is the most worthy cause because 13-18 is an impressionable age and kids are very much influenced by the music they listen to. With messages from their musical heroes, seeds are planted which will grow as they become adults. Positive, healthy messages = positive, healthy adults. I'm not saying that a rock band alone is going to shape the way a kid grows up. But music does play a huge role in a teenager's development. As the group grows in popularity, we believe more kids will be affected positively by our music. With positive encouragement from their elder role models, kids will grow to be adults who will be taking better care of themselves and their fellows so that there will be less of a need for homeless shelters and animal shelters who need vans donated to them. We believe that we are shaping the future and potentially reaching so many more people, while these other causes, though very worthy and respectable, are making only short term gains. Finally, as we become more successful we intend to keep giving more and more back to the world in an exponential "snowball effect" way, affecting more and more people. Consider Woodstock, Live Aid, Band Aid, Farm Aid, Rock The Vote, etc. Music is a powerful tool of change in the right hands. We are coming from a positive, helpful, loving place. Your minivan will help us tremendously. Should you choose us, we intend to stay in touch with you throughout our entire process. Thank you.

Randy Stern (a.k.a. Randy Nerve)

-- Randy Stern, January 28, 2005

helle, I think I might be to late, but its worth a try. this van is not for myself its for my brother and his family, i know that they are in need and i dont have the finances to help them and it hurts me very much, they have thre children ages 11, 8,6 2 boys and 1 girl. my brother worked at a company for several years after moving his family from california to try and have a beter life and all was well whn the job closed down and they got behind, shortly after that they vehicle broke down and well i dont have to tell you that the snow ball affect tok place after that. my brother is curently taking classes to become a nurse and is a volunteer firefighter and medic while working as a cna at nursing home. they just need a little boost to help them along, not saying that a car is a little boost by no means. my brother is very family orieantated and would give his all to anyone who would need it . there was a time when a man was working at a elavator at the coop and my other brother worked there also this man stepped back into auger that was on and pulled his leg in and by the time my brother whom was working with this man got out and shut down auger and called 911 it had pulled him in up to his hip. my brother whom ive been speaking about all along was the first responder and acted very quickly and stopped the bleeding got him out of the auger of course his leg was gone all the while he kept his cool and never once did he loose his train of thought his focus was on saving this mans life which he did, but to make a long story short never once was he reconized for what he had done they wrote a letter in the newspaper about my brother that was in the grain ben with him but nothing about him, i know that hurt him deeply when he read a letter my mom sent to the newspaper about my brother that was in the grain ben but did not say anything about him i just want him to know how proud i am to have him as a brother and tell him i love him very much and try to help him as much as i can

-- tina march, February 14, 2005

i like for someone to give me a car my drean was to work to two 2006and come out of work but i has to come out in 1999 for health reason &arthritis.and knee surger and diabetes my knee limit me from get up and down and low place.i know i am so far away if you was to say i well give it to this ladies but thank you for want to give to someone that is so nice.of you to thank of other

-- margaret evans, April 25, 2005

I feel that for sure you should think about giving it to a less fortunate person as myself as example but not telling you to give it to me but if chosen I would thank and appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. My reason to give it away individually is because organization scrutinize and make you feel disadvantaged and put you through their person screening. I contacted a ministry once in South Carolina and they informed me they didn't help people out of their state so I told him Thank God that Jesus didn't just help people in certain geographical areas do the world would be in trouble. I am a 45 year old woman with 3 children whom husband died suddenly from Thyroid problems we were doing well but this set us back so terribly and I need a car to get to doctor appointments because I was taken out of work due to severe depression, severe anxiety, and fibromyalgia I would appreciate a car so much if it is gods will I will be the chosen one 252 527 3610 telephone no.

-- marsha powell, June 21, 2005

Dear Mr. Greenspun,

I am writing to you in a desperate situation. I hail from the green isle that is Ireland. After a long extradition process I find myself in the penal colony that is Australia. Fuck it's been hard dogs. You see I don't like to work and I like everything for free. As a matter of fact even my plane flight over was for free when I stowed away in a wheel retraction void of an Air cunnilingus flight bound for Sydney which is where all of my troubles have begun.

Whilst doing the Irish backpacker thing and scabbing, I have met these four wonderful people who are good for milking but it's not enough as they have gotten wise to my pikey ways ever since I sold their dog for food (and I'm still picking the fur out of my teeth).

Since my so called friends cast me aside and into a downward spiral of depravity, I have had to resort to selling my pikey bits along William Street with my new friends, the Sydney boygirls. With no where to live I have had to reside in a old creamed corn box, located just off William Street. It's making it hard for me to earn a living as my customers are forever complaining about the cramped conditions, not to mention the acrid smell of creamed corn.

Just when I was about to give up on life, I was out crawling the kerb, my carnie hands battling to grip the sidewalk when I smelt aviation kerosene. Expecting to see some rich cunts lear jet on long finals you could imagine my surprise when I looked up to see my Prince in his Hilux chariot bearing down on me, my flaps in his sights.

He leant down from his love machine, with one hand wrapped around his bass and the other around my midriff, tight and hard as it is. I iniially complained as I needed to earn another 100 Euro (which is around 180 Australian dollars) so that I could afford to buy my Ma another caravan as her old one was repo'd by Pikey Finance due to a neighbour taking a shit outside of the old one.

I guess I have spilled my guts for long enough and I'm sure you don't need some other whinebag's long whinded, bleeding heart email so I'll cut to the chase. Me and the boygirls have got many a blister on our carnie feet after traversing Williams street for so long. We thought Sydney's supreme court judges and politicians would be much better off if we took the business to them. If we had a luxury Goober mobile (brakes unimportant) to get our confused arses around Sydney it would help us out heaps Chops. Could I trouble you to perhaps fit a SATNAV unit to the BeanieMobile so that we know where our appointments are as we can't read? Also it may be a good idea to fit some premo seat covers as our arses have a tendancy to leak.

You are tops Mr. Greenspun.

-- Morla Aher, July 30, 2005

There is a lady in the DMD group I post to., "momdmd" wrote:

Her family's story...\ _rough_road_every.sto

She has 3 kids with muscular dystrophy. Her vehicle was stolen and she could use a van that can be adapted to their needs.

Someone helped me when I needed van repairs done so I am trying to return the favor...

I have muscular dystrophy and my son also has it too. I can only imagine what she has to go through managing 3 kids - Its difficult enough for me just managing 1 with the disorder.

Please consider her for the van.

Thank you.

-- Kat Lanferman, October 6, 2005

I cant really say that im any better than anyone who could use the car.But im a single mom of 2 boys 6year old and 7 year old.Im 24 and there dad left us with nothing. I had a nice car i worked 4 years to pay off,but when my house burnt down with everything i owned in it the car was setting beside the house and the keys were in the house.i couldnt do anything but watch every thing burn up. i had no insuarnce so im trying to start me and my kids life over if you pick us we would be very is (501)354-0971 Thanks.AMY

-- AMY WHITE, December 6, 2005

I think you could give your van to someone who ready need it and want to do good thing with it. we are looking for a group van so we can go minister to the peoples in songs. but give you van to whoever you wish. let the lord lead you to make the right chose.

-- ernestine wiggins, March 4, 2006

I am writting this because my husband of 20 yrs was diagnosed with a term brain tumor and his body is shutting down slowly.In the past several months he has been in intensive care 3 times.Our car was stolen and our only income is SSI I have no way to get him back and forth to his doctor appts or even to go to the hospital when he is in there.I could really use the help of a vehical. I am doing all his care alone and without transportaion it is very hard. Thank You and God Bless

-- Dawn Therrien, March 8, 2006

hi im rosie and i am 24 years of age and could desprately use a vehicle i have a 9 year old son i/we have been hungry i/we have been homeless but NO MORE the lord has provided for my son and i in major ways and i am truely greatful,although i/we could desprately use a vehicle. my son is now on the basketball team that is something he has always hoped/prayed to be able to do and i am simply a stay at home supportive mother pursuing a career in the health field at home and on line as a certified nursing assistant wish me luck/pray for me! rosie

-- rosie berry, October 13, 2006

I know that there is many people who deserve the car.I dont want it for me.I want it for the woman I live with,this woman took me in over twenty years ago I had no where to go and she told me I could live with her for a while and its been 21 years.She has taken in people off the streets and feed them took food out of her home and gave to people who needed it.She just got her drivers licence for the first time she is 54 she was in a bad car reck at 17 so she was scared to drive .She lost a lot of things in the flood in 2003 her insurance was suppose to cover her and they didnt do it hurt her and her husband as far as money goes she almost lost her home.her health is not the best she had cfs and she cannot go to work.Her husband wont get her a car he leaves her home all day and alot of nights.If I could I would get her one.But I dont have the money.I would like to be able to see her be happier then she is she deserves it.if you could give her a car she would take care of it and I am sure she would do a lot of good for others if she had it but if you dont feel like she should have it and it goes to someone else I still want to thank you for your kindness because we know that it can only go to one person.So god bless you and I wish you very much happiness you deserve it Peggy

-- peggy nay, October 18, 2006

hello my name is ivy glover i am a mother of 6 3 boy's and 3 girl's i am a full time student at the college in lancaster c.a i am also on ssi and afdc i need a car really bad i would love to be able to take my kid's back and fourth to school in a warm car but if you decide not to give me the car you sould give it to some one who work's at a forster home who may need to transport kid's around

-- ivy glover, November 9, 2006

My name is David Ritter, and I am an associate Pastor in San Diego. I am writing on behalf of Miss Anita Allred, a good friend of ours for over twenty years (who has been in ministry for nearly thirty years) and is embarking on setting up orphanages in third world countries. She is the director of "Anita's Children of the World International," a non-profit ministry for orphans in America and in Europe...any gift would be tax-deductible. She has already been to Europe several times and is traveling again this next weekend to minister to several churches in England. She is one of the most Godly, kindest, and loving individuals I have ever met and has dedicated her life in service to God.

The reason I am writing, is that she is in desperate need of transportation to be able to minister locally in Phoenix, as well as help her earn funds to further her orphan ministry. I can't think of anyone more deserving....If you are able to help her, or perhaps direct her to someone who can, we would be indebted to you. If you need any references for her, we would be happy to send them your way.

Thank you for your time and consideration!

Her information:

Reverend Anita Allred 14845 W. Roanoke Ave Goodyear, AZ 85338 (602) 882-4527 cell

Pastor David Ritter (619) 749-9149

-- David Ritter, November 20, 2006

I wish i had know earlier because my gospel group is looking for a van ,so we can travel and spread the word of god though song. If anyone have a van that they would like to donate to my group please let me know.

-- ernestine wiggins, March 30, 2007

i would like to have the van phillip so i can get to work in the halifax area of nova scotia .you can email me at live in nova scotia .thank you

-- clarence young, April 14, 2007

this is clarence young and i do have this email addressas i need for work and i am 58 years old so need to get to work .thank you again .sorry for any problems . clarence

-- clarence young, April 15, 2007

You should give your van to someone who needs to keep a half frozen dog or cat warm while on their way to the vet.You should also consider the free time and money it takes from their own coffers to make animals healthy and able to get a new life after being left out in the cold by someone who doesn't give a damn about who freezes in the cold weather or if they've eaten that day or not.People who give freely of their time and energy for one reason and one reason only,to see the love of an animal who is helped by the small act of feeding and loving gods gifts IN a society that couldn't give a damn for anything or anybody usually but their own well being.GIVE THE VAN SO AN ANIMAL CAN FEEL THE WARMTH AND LOVE OF A VERY SMALL GESTURE THAT WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE TO REMEMBER.


I am responding on behave of my ex-sister in-law who just sold her mini-van because is was having to many breakdowns. She is a single mother of 2 children, 12 and 9 years old. She works cleaning houses and since she sold her vehicle, has been walking or riding a bike where ever she needs to go. She has had a lot of hardships over the years including going through a divorce where she was left with household furniture and her mini-van, as well as the passing of her parents. She is a hard working person who could use a break and a vehicle as soon as possible. Please consider her as the recipient of your generous gift.

-- linda kappel, October 27, 2007


-- sylvia swanigan, December 4, 2007

With all sincerity I feel my cousin Alice Canel should get the Dodge. My cousin has been going through a tough time in life she seperated from her partner last year on Xmas day and her ex moved back to his parents house but doesn't want to get a job. My cousin is a school teacher but her income wasnt enough to cover all the bills they had together, she wanted to work during the summer but since she teaches special ed there was no work for 3 mnths. Her car got repossessed and was evicted from the house she was renting. My cousin her 2 kids, and disabled aunt had no where to go so they slept at every famly members house & in the car before it got repossessed. Well she now works for a better school district and is very happy but transportation is still an issue, her boss has given her several warnings for her tardiness and will probably get fired. I was talking to my cousin yesterday and she told me how frustrated and sad she felt because she can't buy a car and her students are counting on her and she's letting them down by not showing up to work on time which is affecting them also. When my cousin said that it really touched me, I realized how important her job was to these high school special ed kids that need guidance and motivation because unfortunately they lack that at home. So please consider giving your van to my cousin. Thank you. My cousins cell# 562-777-6265

-- Nancy Puglisi, December 12, 2007

i wonder it you still have the car

i have just finished school i'm 41 years old all my kids are grown i odopted a little girl 7yrs ago my neice by blood her mom who was on drugs at the time is taking her back i need to move on with my new life and i need a car badly all my life i have done for others with out asking for a thing and i know i dont know you but iraely want to drive my self to my new career in my own car evang, helena Jones

-- helena jones, April 29, 2008


-- MEL WALKER, August 16, 2008

PRAISE THE LORD we are a small gospel group out of sav. ga we go around free to other churches sing. we love what we do but we need a way to get around with our stuff it is five of us. you have a JESUS will bless day if not still emaill any way we might can sing at your church one day (G.G.M.S) GOD GIFT MUSICAL SINGER

-- robert .a. dixon, November 12, 2008

ME! I am a mother with disabled husband my son is 2 1/2 years old and I have yes 3 dogs in a a toyota camary. There are probably others more needy - But, I have been saving in hopes like a police auction I could. I am willing to offer my services as a Certified Osha Safety Specialist (safety plans etc), Human Resource Administration work to charity of your choice??? I gave up the money to take care of my son and child. My plans for the mini van are trying to offer low cost dog grooming / walking to seniors and hopes for some higher paying clinets. I just looking to stay with my family. I would appreciate and would pay what I have. Please give it to who you feel could better use it if others are more in need then I... But, then again maybe this is my lotto number 00000000 = free ... Good luck to anyone who is in need! Amy

-- amy smith, December 14, 2008

philip i want tel you dont give any one give to me i drive and make money than i deposit your acount when money your acount than u take care your self kids go out see kids give food give toys make happy that my advice i think you understand every thing iam poor guy want start work give to me this van dont give no one shalu

-- shalu lana, April 7, 2011