Would you design photo.net as a Wiki today ?

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Hello, I can't find any page where you could have written some words about Wiki systems as a mean for community building. You've written a lot of interesting things about the web in general, photo.net in particular and blogging systems to develop/create communities online. But I can't read anything from you about the Wiki phenomena and projects like wikipedia. If you wouldn't had done photo.net before, do you think you would create photo.net today with such technology ? or would you create entries directly on wikipedia ?

-- Jerome Radix, July 27, 2004


I've personally hardly ever found anything useful in Wikipedia. It always seems too shallow to be useful. Whyen all that you want from each author is a paragraph or two I guess you don't need much of an incentive system or editorial structure.

I'd like to see a good magazine-style workflow system integrated into a nice online community toolkit (Microsoft Sharepoint? Zope?). You'd have a managing editor in charge of assigning articles and whipping authors, copy editors to clean up illiteracy, and an editor-in-chief to ensure that final articles fit. This is not any different from what print magazines have been doing for 100+ years of course but maybe with computer support one could make it cheaper and/or utilitize remotely located part-time volunteers more effectively.

-- Philip Greenspun, July 27, 2004