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I'm not exactly an amateur, yet I'm not exactly a photo pro either.
How can I find a happy medium? Is it really necessary for me to go
back to school and get a degree in photography or can I just learn as
I go.
I can't stop working a regular 9-5 job to do an internship because
I've got bills and a family to support. So what is your advice. How
can I make my dream become reality in my situation?

-- Christina Martinez, January 10, 2006


Except for from a handful of schools, e.g., Brooks in California or RIT in Rochester, NY, I don't think a photography degree is worth much and certainly the average professional photographer does not have one.

"photography" and "family to support" should not occur in the same sentence, unfortunately. Except for wedding photographers and on-staff photographers at newspapers, there aren't too many photographers who make enough money to support themselves, much less a family.

-- Philip Greenspun, February 6, 2006