D40 vs. Tiger

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My son just earned his PP Cert. and I am starting back up. We want
to buy a plane.....D40 vs Tiger......D40 gets nod from us except for
the low wing loading-turbulance problems and cockpit heating in
summer.....we live in Virginia......not as much a problem in an AG-
5B with higher loading, but the Tiger is an old design with much
less sophisticated electronics, and we both want to continue through
IFR on the plane we purchase.....Your insight please.....

-- Alfred Griffin, April 29, 2006


The DA40 is designed as a trainer and should be a lot more rugged and forgiving. My mechanic (one of the best) said "you wouldn't be satisfied with a Tiger" when I asked him about it (like all good mechanics, he loves Beech airplanes and tolerates most of the rest). The DA40 is also a mass-produced airplane that should be simpler and easier to own than a boutique brand (though probably not as easy as a late 1970s Cessna 172!).

So... new DA40 versus new Tiger, I think the answer is clear. If you can find a good condition old Tiger for $50,000 and add a $2500 Garmin 396, I think the Tiger begins to look better.

-- Philip Greenspun, April 29, 2006

The tiger is fun and fast enough and simple. Cool in summer with the open canopy and allowed partially in flight. Maintenance the same as a C152 I had for many years. The avionics can be old in the older planes. I'm a 11 year tiger driver. See AYA.org.

-- Edward Prest, January 31, 2007