What should one do when you are dumped without a reason?

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So about a two months ago i met this guy on line and we hit it off
quickly he seemed like a really nice guy and we talked for hours on
the phone. The thing is that he lives about 3 hours away from me...so
we decided to start something and see where it took us, i went to see
him and we spent an amazing day as i returned i found out that he had
lied to me. He had told me days earlier that he wasnt going to be
able to come to my city because he had gotten in a car crash and so
thats what lured me into going to see him. After that argument i
didnt want anything to do with him, but he asked for forgiveness and
i forgave him.

A whole week passed and that week he was acted funny, not himself. HE
ignored my conversations and was always quet. I was concerned so i
asked what was up, all he would tell me was that he had gone through
something that he didnt want to talk about. I tried to cheer him up
but he was just too depressed. Getting to the point a saturday he
decides to tell me that he doesnt care about anything anymore and
that people have been letting him see that life is a bitch and then
we die....so he decides to break it off? NO reason no explanation
nothing...so after a month he sends me an e-mail asking me how i have

What am i to do? I have the curiosity of finding out why he broke up
with me, but then i dont want to hear something that might hurt me
once more! I still have a lot of feelings for him but should i talk
to him...should i say something?

-- Adriana Cholico, February 15, 2007


As a middle-aged engineer, I'm probably not the best person to offer advice on modern dating, but you posted in my forum so I will do my best...

This guy does not sound like a prize: depressed, lying, unreliable. Some people are born with fortunate genetics and they tend to be happy all the time. If you believe in the pursuit of happiness, these are the kind of folks that are worth dating, since being around happy people will tend to make you happier.

Young men are not very complicated. If you model a young guy's behavior as "seeks to have sex with attractive women", you can predict most actions in advance.

-- Philip Greenspun, February 15, 2007

i think if u love him u already know this answer. so u ether don't love him or u are ufrade to love him becaos u dont wont to be hurt. u know what is funny? i was looking for a why to get over a very stupid think i did. when i fawned this. to tall u the truth i was in love with a guy and he lied to me and i stoped seeing him and that hurt more than the lie do.but what i'm saying is that if u love him dint stop like me. try to talk to him maybe u will help him get over wut ever it is he is going throw and u and him can be to gether and be happy .

p.s. i fill like i sued tall u that i am a 12 year girl but some times it is good to lisen to somre one yunger than u p.p.s if he does not want to talk u dont need him u can do beeter than him if u need to talk my e-mall is tiffany_walters@yahoo.com i will be happy to talk to u

-- tiffany walters, April 10, 2009