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Dear Philip,

Since I'm one class short from graduation this semester, my dept.
chair was kind enough to let me take Software Engineering for Web
Applications as an Independent Study. The syllabus indicated that a
group of 2-4 students is ideal to take this class. But I'm taking it
myself, can you offer me any tips so I can learn as much as possible?

I'd love to build an online community someday. One more question, why
was MySQL out? Is it because it's not an ACID-compliant relational
database management system? (Facebook runs on it, I believe) and your
blog as well :).

-- T.D. N., February 5, 2008


Tips? Get a real customer and find some programmers from industry to provide code review.

Why was MySQL out? I can never figure out whether or not they've caught up to Oracle 6 (1988). Do they support integrity constraints? ACID? Does it depend on the storage engine?

I also wanted my students to have a real RDBMS on their resume so that they could rise above the crowd of self-taught PHP/MySQL users.

-- Philip Greenspun, February 5, 2008

MySQL just got bought out by Sun Microsystem. Hopefully, they'll catch up with the big guys (or buried). There is a conspiracy theory that Oracle involved with the acquisition. It's definitely a plus to know Oracle or MS SQL.

-- T.D. N., February 5, 2008

It depends on the storage engine. The default engine, MyISAM, is not ACID-compliant. But MySQL also ships with the InnoDB engine, which is ACID.

-- Andrew Grumet, February 5, 2008