mooney m20e and a student pilot

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Hi Philip

looking for some answers.
I am a student pilot trying to achieve my ppl. I have been having difficulty putting in time
due to lack of aircraft and so on at my club. I have an opportunity to buy a really nice
Mooney m20e super 21, it has a 0 hour engine and a new annual when the deal is
done. My question is this too much aircraft for me to get my license on or do I
just expect to put more time in with my instructor to become efiecient on this aircraft.

thank you in advance.

-- Sean McGuire, August 23, 2015


Sorry for the late response. I was packing up for Burning Man when you posted this question...

I don't think that a Mooney is a great trainer airplane. Maybe for an instrument rating. Mooneys are not forgiving of sloppy landings. If you have a slim build and your passengers are compact this might be a good airplane to own. But for finishing your certificate I think it would make more sense to take two weeks off work, travel to a flight school if necessary, and just hammer out your training with 2-3 flights per day. Then get in the Mooney for your IFR work and don't solo it until you've got about 75 hours behind the yoke.

-- Philip Greenspun, October 11, 2015